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Friday, May 3, 2019

Where did April go?

It feels like forever since I have blogged.
You've seen posts that had been pre-scheduled, 
for projects that I had been secretly working on...
but I really missed my sitting down and deciding what to "blabber" about.
April is a month of quilt retreats for me.
Needless to say...I "LOVE" the month of April.
It started here, in Lancaster PA.
I absolutely love this part of the country.
The weather was a mixed bag...
But the spring flowers were in bloom

The charm of Lancaster (Intercourse) to be exact, gets me every time.
It's the buggies that are used by the Amish.
They are just so fun to see.
We visited lots of quilt shops in the area, but I had to share this photo.
Unfortunately it's not the greatest, but in their window, they combined a 
"Stonehenge" panel with the "Labyrinth" pattern to make an absolutely gorgeous quilt.
We took a trip to the Farmers Market one day...
I'm not to sure about some of these meats, but my hubby remembers
Scrapple, growing up. He turned up his nose at it, when I showed him the picture.

I just love looking at the displays of produce.
But...I got the giggles with this one and just had to share it.
Viagra tea?
We did do some sewing...even some ripping.
Lesson learned...do not go out the door and say, feel free to finish up anything you see here.
Especially with me in the room.
I took it upon myself to stitch outer borders to Mary's quilt.
OK, in my defense, I used a big basting stitch!
It was worth every minute of it, when she got back and saw it.
I'm still giggling over it now, and I can not share the photo of her response!
That border print ended up on another project too, I do believe.
For some strange reason, my machine cord disappeared during the week?
Oh, it was just unplugged!
Remember that blue border print, it will be showing up here later this month.
(winky winky)
If your ever in need of accommodations in the area, I highly recommend this place.
(now that we have it reserved for next year already that is)
Is this just gorgeous? We found it on VRBO.
It sleeps 15, has 3 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, on 3 levels. A washer, dryer
 and lots of things for families with kids. Ping pong table, Foosball table, toys, swings, sandbox.
There's a picnic table and fire pit in the yard. The list goes on and on.
Oh and best yet, there are 10 leaves for the kitchen table, so you can seat an army at it.
It was nothing short of perfect for our retreat. 
While we were on gorgeous farmland...
We were just a little over a mile from the center of "Intercourse".
The sprawling back yard had such beautiful views.

Oh, and the trees...they were all in bloom.
Darn wind did a number on them while we were there though.
We were even treated to a Robin building a nest,
 from the window where we had set up a cutting table.
Yep, I still hear the clip pity clop of those horse and buggies going by and
can hardly wait til next year!
There is just something about these ladies...
(minus one, because we forgot to take the photo before she left)
I just love em!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. You are so right...times flies by! I loved Intercourse, Pa when we did our bus tour s few years back. I was in that very market, and loved the fabric shops!!!

  2. Looks like you had the best of times! Such a beautiful area too.

  3. Well a retreat is a perfect excuse for missing in blogland. You were 4 hrs away from me - I waved, did you see me? lol That is a beautiful area and the house you stayed at is remarkable - can see why you booked ahead for next year.

  4. I so enjoy visiting in Amish country. Usually in Ohio but I have been in the Lancaster area twice. I will never forget my first quilt fabric shopping experience in an Amish run store. No electricity and it was a rainy, cloudy day. I had to go back the next day in order to be able to see the selections.

  5. Beautiful pictures - love the Amish! My family started in PA! I would love to take a trip and visit the area! Lucky lady to live so close to such beauty!

  6. It all looks so wonderful. And I agree that it is such a lovely area. That is one place I can actually say I have been many times. When our family still lived in PA they were only 40 minutes away. I enjoyed every time we visited.
    So, knowing the shops that are there, how much did you buy?
    Your accommodation looks and sounds perfect. Great setting. And was a lot of sewing done?

  7. Great pics and great fun! A few miles from us is a town called climax and they sell shirts with " climax - where people come together" a friend's husband has the shirt!!


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