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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

More April Silliness

I came home from Lancaster, worked 1 day, 
did laundry and repacked for my next quilt retreat.
Nope, I'm not spoiled at all.
This one was the "Flying Quilters" annual retreat in Estes Park Colorado,
where we rent a vacation home from the YMCA.
Getting there was an adventure. 
The fuel pump went out in my car, on our way up there.
Someone was looking out for us, because we were on the last hill into town, 
there was a break in traffic and I was able to make a left and turn
into a dog park with no power steering or brakes. 
The engine had cut out and we didn't even know it!
Hubby had to bring up another car that night 
and return the next day with a trailer, 
to get the old beater 4 wheel drive home.

We brought up all our meals and hunkered down to sew for 5 days.
This year Sue made meal time just a little more special, 
with these place settings for everyone.
It really hit the nail on the head, for our group!
There was some fabulous food, but...
You'll laugh at this one!
(Wish you could have joined us for lunch)
Rocky...the only boy allowed, joined us again this year!
and loved show and tell...
Goofy dog!

It was a little chilly this year...
OK, really chilly, I guess.
We slept under partially finished quilts.
The one on the left is my "Nifty Novelties" blog hop project.
You will have to come back later this month to see it.
tee hee hee!
Deb's Halloween quilt was full size by the end of retreat!
 There were fun and games
til"Quilters Bingo" turned ugly...
 But everyone was a winner in the end!
You know how they say, you should never go to the store when your hungry...
Make that... when they are having a clearance sale too!
I just couldn't pass up these crazy things!
I felt like "Oprah".  You get pigs feet, and you get pigs feet!
The day before we left, it started to snow...
We woke up to 18" of the white stuff again. Deja Vu. 
Didn't this happen 2 years ago?
Oh, and the reason I took the old beater 4 wheel drive  to begin with!
While it looks so pretty...
It left us shoveling cars out, before we could leave!
And we had supervision!
There were 3 Turkey Vultures, in the tree watching our every move.
It was a first time seeing them, for me.
Kinda cool!
While it was over way too soon, we are really looking forward to next year!
And a little better weather maybe.
I was going to give you a sneaky peek of the project I worked on,
 but Rocky said "NO",
so you will just have to come back in a couple of days to see it completed!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. It looks like you had a great time at the retreat but the start and finish were a bit rough. So pleased you arrived safely with the car problem. And what a shame about the snow at the end. How fortunate to have quilts with you on that chilly night!!
    Love the lunch menu.

  2. It looks like you had way too much fun! I'm glad the car trouble didn't damper the good times. That was a lot of snow to dig. Yikes.

  3. It looks like sew much fun!! You should have just stayed until the snow melted...forget that shoveling! LOL

  4. So much fun it could have been criminal.

  5. Joan, It appears that you know how to roll with the punches that are thrown at you! I'm sorry about the car woes. That's a real bummer. Looks like you took it in stride and had a wonderful time despite the car trouble. It looks as if everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next year. Your descriptions made me want to be there with you. The turkey vultures were a bit scary for me. I don't know much about them, but ... Sorry you had to dig out of 18" of snow to be able to go home with vultures watching you. Glad you had a terrific time!

  6. Sounds like another fun time, even tho' it was a tad chilly. And waking up to all that white stuff was not what you wanted to see I'm sure! We have turkey vultures over the river beside our building all the time and although they aren't the prettiest of birds they are absolute poetry in motion when they're in the air.

  7. What a great location for a quilt retreat. I love the mountains.


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