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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Annie's Market Bag Summer Adventure

What's in your bag?
With plastics making their way out of our lives...
Having a fun tote bag to take to your grocery store is going to be a must.
Annie's facebook group is helping us along with this quick and easy, free pattern.
Turn your 5" squares into a fun tote for anywhere.
I've had this tin of "Nantucket" squares on my shelf for years...
just waiting for the perfect inspiration!
 I love my bag...
It's a great size for groceries. The handles fit nicely over the store racks, 
that hold their plastic bags, making it easy to load them up.
I'd be crazy to not tell you my favorite use for it, 
is just for taking my relaxing supplies with me!
Care to join me by the car pond???
Join the Facebook group HERE
for your free pattern, make up your bag, and come on over!
There is always a cold somethin' on hand for ya.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is a cute bag and yes, I would love to join you by your pond, Joan!

  2. Where is the pattern for the bag ... can't seem to get to it. I love it and I love the idea of the pond. lol

  3. I joined and am considering making one.

  4. Okay I joined and waiting for approval. Do I get messaged the bag pattern or? Love your bag Joan!

  5. Every time I see your car pond, it brings a big smile. Just wish I could actually experience it IRL!! :) Great bag ... and you have my attention but for those of us who do not do FB, is there a way to get the pattern?

  6. I'm so glad that the use of plastics is dwindling. Now if only we could convince the manufacturers to cut down in their usage! Car pond - I gather that's yours?? Any chance of a photo of the whole thing? Not that I have a fascination with old vehicles or anything!!

  7. Hi Joan. I am back from holidays and catching up on your posts. Looks like you have been keeping very busy over the last month or so. Even being Arty!!!
    Love the fun bag you have made. I am surprised you have not set up a machine near the car pond - it looks so refreshing!!
    Hope all is well with you. Cheers.


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