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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Artsy Fartsy Challenge with Island Batik and Aurifil Thread

I have to admit, when I saw the title of this months challenge,
I got quite a laugh out of it.
Being that I raised a house full of boys...the word "Fartsy",
 would have brought out hours of giggles and inappropriate conversations.
Oh, those were the days, one minute they were driving you crazy and the next,
they are all grown up. How I'd love to hear "Fartsy" chatter again!
Getting back on subject here...
I'm going "Artsy Fartsy" this month with
These challenges usually make me think on them a bit...
But this time, I knew exactly what I was going to use anyway.
Do you remember awhile back, I made "scrap" fabric cloth?
I shared that adventure HERE during the "Quilt Qwazy Queens" blog hop, 
celebrating International Quilting Day, in March.
Yes, I get a little crazy with those leftover bits and pieces of
"Island Batik" fabrics!
But it's a great way to recycle and reuse, as well as using up
leftover bobbins and bits of thread.
I use any weight thread that I can make run through my machine or bobbin.
The different weights, add so much to the texture of things.
After trimming up my piece I adhered it Timtex.
 Lining on one side and my scrap fabric cloth on the other.
I cut it into 4,  5" wide pieces.
It seemed like such a great idea in my head...
but I got carried away with the thickness when making the scrap fabric...
and on top of Timtex...
Well, I didn't think that one through!
With a ton of patience and a denim needle in my machine, 
I was able to stitch through 2 layers and attach a binding, that later was 
hand stitched down, to finish it off.
You have to be wondering, just what the heck I am up to????
It's a scrap fabric vase.
Pretty Artsy Fartsy, I'd say!
Having "Aurifil" cotton floss, a curved needle and a pair of needle nose pliers,
was invaluable for attaching the bottom.

Every good vase needs flowers.
These "Island Batik" fabric flowers were just the ticket.
If your needing a fabric flower fix...
I found this quick and easy tutorial, on "Pinterest"
Yep...I'm loving this "Artsy Fartsy" challenge.

A big thanks to "Aurifil" for sponsoring us this month.
Your threads of many colors and weights are perfect for any project you stitch.
...even a vase
If you want a good laugh...google the meaning of Artsy Fartsy.
I do believe I might just "resemble" one of two of those meanings!
I'm really enjoying this months challenge
and it isn't the only project I've done for the month...
Check back in a few days!
(If your not too scared, that is)
tee hee hee hee
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. The vase is very interesting, Joan. I am curious to know more about the stabilizer you used.

  2. A fun, clever project Joan - like everything you do! :)

  3. You are definitely Artsy Fartsy with this...love it!

  4. oh my goodness, I remember seeing the post when you made the fabric ... and who knew it would come out to be such a fabulous project at that time. This is truly awesome and represents artsy-fartsy very well.... I LOVE IT!!!

  5. Great job on the artsy fartsy challenge. I grew up with 4 brothers - spelling fart sent the dinner table into chaos. I wasn’t sure where this was going at first, but that vase is a knockout!

  6. Always makin' me smile. You have certainly rocked the Artsy Fartsy challenge. LOVE that vase.

  7. I love this so much! It has my idea wheels spinning! Great and super creative project!

  8. Your reminiscing about your boys rings so true with my life right now. Except, I have one of each gender and thanks to gender equality or poor upbringing the girl is just as bad as the boy! When I read the title Artsy Fartsy I will admit my very first thought was of my son with a crayon in hand. hahahahaha.

  9. PS I love your vase and flowers too. Very clever!

  10. That vase turned out wonderfully and I love the pretty flowers!

  11. Great idea for the vase and perfect addition of the flowers!

  12. This is really cool! Those fabric flowers are the perfect finishing touch!

  13. Very cool vase, Joan! Great job. And I really love the flowers you added!

  14. The vase is terrific! After reading about your adventures creating the "found" fabric I'm sure you could now make things easier on yourself (= a lighter weight interfacing would make a lighter vase that would still stand up and flex) . . . but I'll bet the vase is one-of-a-kind and you'll be on to something else!

  15. I too miss the boys 'fartsy' days! I would say you filled the criteria of 'artsy fartsy' really well with your cool-looking vase. Looks great!

  16. Well you really did meet the goal of this challenge. Artsy Fartsy it truly is. Love the background on your how to. Love the outcome but have no desire to pull out the pliers. I'll just admire yours from afar. Oh and I bet those beautiful flowers wouldn't make my nose run either.

  17. Artsy Fartsy, indeed, your vase in incredible! I admire your persistence in this great artwork!

  18. This is awesome I didn't know it was such s complicated holder, didn't pay attention on FB, just now catching up on blog posts


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