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Sunday, September 29, 2019

National Coffee Day

Coffee is my "jam", so in honor of this auspicious day...
My banner/quilt is flying high!
My day isn't complete without a pot, of that glorious brown gold!
Yah, I probably drink way too much coffee!
Let me share a little story with you...
Many many years ago, my husband told me I really needed to switch to decaf.
(I hate decaf)
He thought I was acting a little "bitchy".
So I played the game...bought decaf, opened the can,
and continued to use my regular coffee, and show him what a real
B.... could be like.  About a month later, he tells me I really probably should
go back to drinking regular coffee again.
I threw out that brand new can of decaf and no one was ever
 the wiser!
Moral to the story...some days it's just easier to agree with em!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Lol! How come I'm not surprised you'd do something like that!!! Hilarious.

  2. I almost chocked on my coffee reading about the switch..too funny!

  3. You are crazy but I really do like your thinking on that one!!!

  4. "Switch to decaf" - honey those are fighting words!

  5. Love that fake switch story, Joan! And I LOVE my coffee too!! We drink pots of it every day!

  6. Yeah, I do that too, agree with the Mr. and then do what I want.


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