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Friday, September 27, 2019

Rubber Ducky...

Rubber Ducky, your the one...
...this doesn't look like those sweet little rubber duckies!
Nope, but that's what happens when your youngest asks you to make a quilt
 for a banquet for a new  chapter of 
While I didn't know a thing about the organization, I did know
there were a lot of hunters that supported it. 
That's when the idea for a hunting ducky theme quilt came up.
I knew the guys wanted a "real" quilt, but once us quilt club girls
 put our heads together, we decided to make this fun little baby quilt, as a joke!
I did also make a "real" quilt for them.
It took a little searching through Pinterest, to find this way
to use a panel.
I've used very few panels before and was at a loss...
but WOW, there are some amazing ideas online.
I used a plushy polar fleece for the backing and skipped the batting.
It provides a nice lightweight cuddly blanket/quilt.
Not that guys want to talk about "cuddly" but babies would love it!
This was the "inaugural" banquet for this new chapter,
 and I thought they needed to do some things to make it really stand out. 
"Sew", I went to work and made table toppers for all the tables.
I know the guys thought I was crazy, but they really did add a lot.
Next year these toppers will have the Ducks Unlimited logo on them all.
I promise!
I'm not sure just where the time went, but I never got any other photos taken yesterday.
The place looked great, the silent auction was incredible, over 200 people came...
And I've got no photos.
There's always next year, I guess!

Where was I the weekend before?
Missouri Star Quilt Company
Myself and 55 other crazy quilters boarded a bus...
Well, after a call at 11:30pm the night before we were supposed to leave,
 that the bus was broke down and the trip was off.
And another call about 8am the next morning, that they found another bus, 
and we would be heading out at 10am.
After 3-4 more delays, we finally were on the road about 4:30pm.
That put us into Lincoln Nebraska at 1:30am. We had more than a 2 hr drive to Hamilton Missouri the next day, but the driver had to have
his mandated rest time, so we missed a good part of Jenny Doan's trunk show.
What I can say is, she is an awesome motivational speaker, and what we did see was 
well worth all the chaos we went through to get there.
Afterwards, Jenny took all the time she needed for everyone to get photos and autographs with her.
She even signed all our name tags!
I think I can safely say, we all came back a little more enlightened,
and carrying a lot more weight in our luggage!
As for me and my gang...well lets just say our credit cards were smokin' and
I'm guessing washing dishes, isn't going to help us pay off this debt!
til next time
...Keep on Stitchin'


  1. You have been busy! Never thought about making quilts for duck hunting groups but I love what you came up with, including the cute baby one. That is fun.
    And a trip to MSQC. How exciting. Shame about the bus problems but I am so pleased you made it and did get to join in.

  2. That little duck quilt is so cute in a manly sort of way and I love the panel layout. I'm so envious of your trip to MSQC...I want to go!

  3. The panel quilt is really pretty. A good way to use something like that.

  4. Fun quilts. What did they sell for?

  5. Great quilts for the Duck guys! So glad there were no other mishaps on your road trip, so glad you got to see all that fabric! EXCITING!


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