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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Some Days...

While all days are special,
some days are just more special than others.
If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen my daily 
365 Silly Holiday posts.
Today is "National Irish Coffee Day"
You can throw a lot of  "Irish Cream' in my coffee today,
because it's a red letter day.
First off it's my oldest son's 38th birthday,
and best yet, it's the day of the "gender reveal" party.
He and his wife are over the moon excited.
This first time grandma, isn't sure what to start dancing the jig over first!
If you throw enough of that "Irish Cream" in my coffee, I'll likely
 dance the jig over anything!
While today is a special day for me...
...yesterday was the one that's special for everyone!
National Compliment Day.
That's something every day should be, don't you think?
There's nothing that makes us feel better about ourselves,
 than hearing sweet words from someone.
Just think what a better world we would be, if only everyone would 
compliment someone daily.
PS: if you want that wonderful recipe on making your own "Irish Coffee" 
and start celebrating with me today, you can find it
Just an FYI, it's the "Bailey's" website
 and you will have to verify your age to view it!
Making sure your 21, you know!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I just went over to your Instagram to see your silly holidays mini quilts! They are pretty impressive! Quite the challenge for a quilt every day for 365!

  2. I love the Irish Coffee quilt and I don't drink coffee, but i do have a wee bit O'Irish in me, lol!
    Congratulations on being a grandma soon. That baby will have lots of fun and laughter in his/her life with a fun grandma like you Joan!

  3. Congrats on the birthday of your son. And even bigger and brighter congrats on the upcoming grand. So looking forward to what is in store, stitch wise, for this youngin.

  4. You have two things "great!" to celebrate!

  5. You do rock! I love the 365 day challenge and you are just doing so much on it. I am sorry about the pond adventure the other day, I do hope you are no worse for the wear. Happy partying!

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying your holiday blocks!

  7. I don't like coffee...can I just have the Irish cream by itself? Make it a big cup. I'm so excited for your pending little girl!

  8. I'm glad you mentioned Irish Coffee Day! As hubs and I were out, I made sure to get one last night--pretty much my favorite drink in the winter. We so make them at home occasionally but somehow drinks always taste better when someone makes it for you! Congrats on being a grandma. I'm now a gma x2....still feels a little weird (maybe because some of my friends are still having babies themselves??) but I'm slowly getting used to it. :o)

  9. I am thoroughly enjoying your daily posts on silly holidays. You have made them a lot of fun.
    I am so excited for you about the gender reveal. It is such fun having a grand daughter after having only boys. Lots of fun looking for totally different things to what you have been used to. Enjoy every minute of it.

  10. How exciting for you and your family, those grandbabies are so wonderful. I love all of your blocks, amazing that you are keeping up.

  11. Your Irish Coffee quilt is great - reminds me that there's a teeny bit of Bailey's left in our bottle and I just might have to see that it gets in my next cup of coffee.

  12. I love your daily quilts. I would love it if there was someway to get the patterns. They are fabulous.


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