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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Winter Blues Blog Hop

When Carla put out the call, for us to play with those
"Winter Blues", never did I think I would stumble
across something that didn't make me "blue" at all!
My "Winter Blues" are glitzy and sparkly, just like new fallen snow.
Not that I want to drive in the stuff...but sitting in a nice warm room,
looking out at it, sure can be pretty!
Let me back track...my humble apologies to my fellow bloggers, 
for not commenting on Monday.
...it was quilt club day and I leave the house early,
but the water level in my pond was low and the
pump was screaming, so I had to stop and fill the pond.
The hose was frozen, and had to be thawed.
Once the water started running, I stepped up on a rock
to clean some of the algae off the waterfall...
Well now, remember I said the hose was frozen?
So was the rock and whoosh, someone slipped into the pond!
Thank goodness there's a ledge about a foot below the top!
But it was "COLD" and yes, I was blue!
That's my "true blue" truth about "pond life".
I had the best of intentions and I did catch up with you on Tuesday,
Getting back on track...
For this project, I broke out my 10 degree wedge ruler from 
"Phillips Fiber Arts".
This was a "had to have" tool, and I bet it's sat in my sewing room
for 10 year or better. Thank you Carla, for making me open the package!
After piecing 2 1/2" strips together I went to work cutting and piecing my wedges.
Here's my "Winter Blues Buster"!
I love how it plays tricks on my eyes a bit, when I look at it!
(Stare at the center a bit, or maybe its just me!)
The sparkles were a suggestion from my quilt club girls.
I had so much fun beading the last Dresden I did...
Now I'm no sparkly kind of girl, but I decided to give it a try with inexpensive gems.
 And I now, know why people buy individual packages of beads.
I spent forever, sorting through the sizes and finding what I needed.
No matter how you look at it, it has busted my blues for sure!
Thank you Carla.

Make sure you visit all my fellow bloggers,
and check out their "Winter Blues".
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In case you haven't heard...
I'm hosting the "Quilt Qwazy Queens" blog hop
"Making Us Laugh" starting March 18th,
to celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day.
Won't you join in?
The rules are simple, there are no rules, other than to
make a quilty project of some kind, that will give us
all a chuckle. Post it on your scheduled day and visit your fellow bloggers
throughout the hop to cheer them on!
Come on...it's going to be a rollicking good time.
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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Wow, I love your Dresden blues! Great ruler and I do love the sparkles too!

  2. That is FABULOUS! I've never seen anything done quite that way, and now I'll bet there are copies of your idea popping up all over. That sparkle and the lovely large Dresden plate are a stunning combination with blues!

  3. I love your Dresden beading. I started a Dresden years ago and this inspires me to work on it again.

  4. Hope you didn't hurt yourself in the pond. I love your dresden quilt. I've never done dresden like that. It's on my to-do-list now. But first I have to finish .................. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Your project is gorgeous and very unique! Be careful out there!

  6. Love you wall-hanging and the sparkle. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful finish. Glad to not hear of any injuries.

  8. Wow! Stunning! Now I need some glitz for my quilts!

  9. So when you fell did you add any blue that we should know about and that will remind you of this hop for an additional week or two. Glad you didn't mention hurting anything but maybe your pride. On to your stunning quilt. It really is a bright and glittery end to the Winter Blues. Great job.

  10. Over the top and gorgeous!!!! You always sparkle, but this one shines. Love it, Joan. You are amazing. Thank you for joining the Winter Blues Blog Hop, my friend.

  11. I love your gorgeous Dresden! This is one I've wanted to make for a long time. I love it! Your slip in the pond could have been disastrous so I'm glad you're okay. I mean, if you were laid up or hurt, who would I have to be witchy with (okay, so that's selfish of me.) Seriously, you be careful out there. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blue quilt today.

  12. Gorgeous quilt, and lovely blues. Sorry about your slip in the pond disaster, but a story you will probably tell for years to come! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Lovely quilt....I thought I was the only one who bought rulers and never unwrapped them. Glad you are doing well after your pond experience. I had and experience with water, ice, going through a narrow gate, and a huge full recycling bin that now I can laugh about, but at the time, not so funny. LOL

  14. Wow, that's gorgeous! Love the bling! Why do I not have a 10-degree wedge ruler? Gotta have it. You have certainly chased away all winter blues with your beautiful quilt! Hope your "chilling" experience in the pond is a distant-but-fond memory.

  15. Your blue is stunning and sparkling! I love all the fabrics you've used - especially the background. You've inspired me to open the bag of beads I got for some craft project when my sons were little.

  16. Gorgeous quilt!!! The sparkles make it look like a snowflake and I love it!!

  17. This is so lovely, certainly way to best the winter blues. Do Hope you didn't have any damage to yourself after falling into your pond, what a fright you must have got!

  18. look at you...surviving the pond and making a stunner...Good for you!!

  19. A couple of "firsts" for you certainly produced a beauty. Well done.

  20. Beautiful! Good way to survive the winter blues!

  21. Falling in a frigid pond? YIKES!! Thankfully, your Hop quilt was a brighter (and bedazzled) shade of blue!

  22. The glitz is really cheerful. I also not a very glitzy kinda girl, but that does look nice. So glad you survived the pond incident.

  23. Beautiful. It does play tricks with your eyes. I like the sparkle too. Glad your pond incident wasn't bad.

  24. Oh My, I was reading and thought...omg, she fell and sure enough I then read it.. Sewwwww happy you are ok. Now, WOWOWOWOW I love love LOVE that project. My worst fears about specialty rulers is that I'll never use them so I tend not to buy them but then I see this and I think WoW, I want to make one... It's just simply beautiful and the beads were a wonderful addition to this project.

  25. Bless your heart, Joan! Not a good thing to fall into a pond in the dead of winter!! Brrrrr! I hope you're ok. I LOVE the quilt and especially the bling! I am a blingy kinda girl! That would definitely cure my winter blues!

  26. I'm not a sparkly person either, but this is just awesome! I have a ruler for this kind of project (gift), but admit it isn't on my list at this time.

  27. Sorry to read about your pond incident. Your "Winter Blues" project is my all time favorite of your projects. LOVE IT!

  28. That is one beautiful blue quilt, and the sparkles really are a nice addition

  29. This is gorgeous and the little bit of dazzle is just perfect. I do love when I use one of the tools I have bought and let sit!

  30. This quilt turned out amazing! Totally worth the wait to use the specialty ruler.

  31. Wow! I love your quilt. Now I want to find my wedge ruler and play with it. Like yours, it has been sitting around in the package and patiently waiting for me to use it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the sparkles, too. I would love to be in the QQQ hop. Thanks

  33. Hi Joan! Oh, that pond story. I knew where it was headed, and I wanted to reach out my hand for you to avoid that very cold dip, but alas I could not stop the past. You're one cool trouper, though (no pun intended) since you still went to Quilt Club. Your project for this hop is so very, very, VERY wonderful! Wow, 10 degree wedges . . . who would have thought?! I can see why you needed the ruler . . . and even more so why it had to wait a few years to be used. I would need that long to get up the nerve to try using it as well. And use it you did! This is gorgeous, and sparkly just like you. I'm going to PIN it just in case I ever get the nerve someday . . . ~smile~ Roseanne

  34. This is beautiful!!! Lovely blues and I like the added sparkle.

  35. Great result with your blues and the gems to add a fun and sparkly touch to it. Gorgeous.
    Your story about the pond makes me happy we do not get as cold as you do. Hope you have thawed out and warmed up!

  36. I love your Dresden Blues quilt. It is stunning! The addition of the sparkle is perfect.

  37. The striped background is inspired! Very effective visually and adds a texture effect that complements the Dresden points.

  38. ooo - I love this one! My favourite colour is blue so of course I like it. Sorry you took a dip in the pond - not fun on a cold day!


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