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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Who is That Masked Bandit?

It seems like we are never going to get away from wearing masks!
Remember the days...if we saw someone in a mask, you were sure they were going to rob a bank!
Well those days are long gone. Now we are walking around giving people
 the "stink" eye, if they don't have a mask on!

Up to this point, I have been making the rectangle pleated masks.
They work well, except when they come out of the wash, 
mine are all wadded up and need ironing.
I don't even like to iron clothes no less masks!

Then I found these!
These are "Crafters Edge" mask dies, and yes there are 4 different sizes included.

With these dies and Heat n Bond Sew-In Interfacing, making masks has never been so easy.

Best yet...

These dies run not only in the "Crossover II Fabric and Paper Cutting System",
but also in the Accuquilt GO cutter, when used with the "Conversion Platform Set".
I love that they are so much easier to store. 
No more needing big shelves for heavy dies.
Fussy cutting with them is a snap, and there is much less 
fabric waste with them, too!

As for the masks...
This is my favorite style so far.

I like having just 1 tie, life is to short to spend it tying ties all the time!

I was able to find these cord locks on Amazon.

Making it easy to hang the mask on your neck when not in use, and flipping it up and sliding the cord lock tight, when needed.

Never mind the scary hair. While some people have bed head...
This is my mask head these days!

You can find more on Crafters Edge dies  HERE

Thermoweb and Heat n Bond products  HERE

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love making them with the mask die! Where do you get those little thingies?

    1. you can get them on Amazon Carol, ebay has them, smartneedle.com has some really cute fun colored ones, a bit more pricey, but they are cute. :)

  2. These templates are great. Much easier than cutting around a paper template with scissors.

  3. Great job on the mask and the toggle is a great idea.

  4. LOL... I thought I was the only one calling it "mask head" - I get it from my CPAP mask as well as my protective face mask.

  5. Love the masks with the cord ties. Great idea!! I wonder if that conversion kit will work with the electric GoBIG? I'll have to see what I can find about that!

    1. The Conversion Platform will work with the Go Big machine as well :)

  6. Really good info about the Crafter's Edge conversion kit! I like the idea of using my Accu GO as much as possible.

  7. I am definitely thinking of getting their adapter and a few dies!

  8. I'm with Kathleen--I'm considering the adapter and some grafter's edge dies! I like the multiple sizes included in one package.

  9. I'm starting to like the idea of this Crafter's Edge. The more I read the more I want one. When you first posted about the cord locks I went to Amazon and got some, but have had problems with getting the ties thru the little holes, how are you doing that?

  10. I like the way you have it adjustable... Cute idea!

  11. Love the idea of the die cuts for the masks. I still can't find a design I like for us. But I love your smart idea with the cords.


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