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Monday, January 18, 2021

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop with Crafters Edge

The "Moose Boys" have been feeling a little bit neglected lately!
They just didn't understand why they had taken a back seat for so long.
So this time, it's all about them.
In honor of the "boys"...
...this is "Once in a Blue Moose" 
(paying homage to their tender feelings, don't you know)

AND we are going to pretend it's all about them.
BUT, there is a hidden meaning to this quiltie, I'll share in a bit.

We all know that quilts tell a story. We have learned to look beyond the fabric and the finished project and see the love and memories that were put into it.
"Crafter's Edge" has given us a way to really make our projects speak, with their alphabet dies.

My heart was on fire...or should I say my Crossover II was on fire,
 as I cut out 23 hearts in a matter of minutes.
Then moving on to the letters... it was so easy to line the letters up
 on my fabric and cut them at the same time.
 That's the real joy of having separate dies to work with.

I love using Thermoweb HeatNBond®Lite fusible web on my appliques. 
SprayNBond®Basting Adhesive is a no oder must, for keeping my quilt sandwich 
firmly in tack, while quilting.

I didn't really have a plan when I started this. 
It was one of those projects that just happened.
While playing around, I decided to I pre-quilted the background
 before I adding the appliques. 
My mini "Oliso" iron was perfect to tack down my appliques as I stitched.

"Crafter's Edge", dies make it so easy to create "on the fly".
My favorite, has to be the fact that I could take my large moose applique,
 and run it through the Crossover II machine, to cut out a heart 
on his little rumpus.
That's next to impossible to do with other cutting systems.
As for that hidden meaning...
 My "Blue Moose" hangs right over my sewing machine,
as reminder that I need to clean up my sewing room more than
 "Once in a Blue Moose".
And yes,  I actually cleaned my sewing room to hang it!
Happy Dance, Happy Dance.
Can't let the boys hear that. Their dancing causes house to start shaking!
Thanks Carol from the bottom of all of our hearts here, for hosting 
the "Hearts on Fire" hop.
(and making me clean up my room)
A big "thanks"  to
for helping make it all happen!

Make sure you visit my fellow bloggers, and see what's 
burning in their hearts this week!

til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I LOVE what you have done!! Thank you for sharing.
    Carol O

  2. What a cute project, Joan. I just love the heart on his rump!

  3. An amazing wallhanging, Joan! Blue is my favorite color, and moose are my nearest neighbors. Love it!

  4. A fun wallhanging to enjoy every time you're at your machine! I love it!

  5. Your wall hanging is so charming and fun! Thanks for showing us the whole process you went through to create it. I'm sure it'll make you smile every time you look at it!

  6. Your Blue Moose is sew cute! Love the blue hearts all around and the white one cute out on his "behind." Thanks for sharing this!

  7. You always make me giggle. Once in a blue moose is no exception 💙 it's so you and so perfect for your sewing room.

  8. Thank you, Joan, for this happy looking quilt. We all need to smile ... and clean our sewing machines ... <3 Pat

  9. I love the blue moose and blue hearts but the cutest bit is the heart on his rump. Great project and well done for cleaning your sewing room. Hmm I think I need to do a bit of a sort out and tidy up.

  10. What a great Blue Moose! I love all the hearts, especially the one on his hindquarters :) And way to go for cleaning up your sewing space!

  11. Oh my gosh, I love that heart in his "rumpus." LOL I guess I need to make me a wall hanging as adorable as yours to get me cleaning up my sewing room. It's awesome! I'm a total fan of Crafter's Edge and HeatnBond, as you know, for all the reasons you described. I used my Crafter's Edge heart for my project, too. Talk about easy! Thank you, thank you for sharing this sweet heart/moose project...love it! xo

  12. You cleaned your room, congratulations. Lovin this piece especially the sweet heart on the Blue Moose butt. Brilliant design. What I noticed first was how all of those hearts made the perfect border, very impressive.

  13. Love your quilt and your post. Thank you for brightening my day - I really needed a laugh today. Since you've cleaned your sewing room for the picture, you can rest till the next blue moose :-)

  14. Sew cute Joan! And that is a good reminder for us all!!!

  15. LOVE this Joan, and love your sense of humour!!

  16. Just adorable Joan! And so clever of you to quilt the background first THEN applique. I'll have to try that sometime!

  17. Love, love, love your Once in Blue Moose! Great work!

  18. What a great play on words! Your creative nature always amazing me. Thanks for the cute project - and an explanation of the 'hidden meaning'. :)

  19. TOO cute, Joan, and that cutting system is a wonder!!

  20. I need to borrow your very cute wallhanging to remind me to clean up my sewing room more than once in a blue moose.

  21. I like how your wall hanging reminds you to clean your room! I'm sure I could use one or two of them in my room!

  22. Almost all my projects "just happen", but that's what I love with my hobby. You made a fun and beautiful quilt, a real "you" quilt.

  23. LOL! There are many things that I do, once in a blue moose. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love your Blue Moose with the heart on his rumpus. I always look forward to seeing what you make for these Hops. 😉

  25. Your Blue Moose is adorable with that heart on his rump!! Love it. You never disappoint in your creations!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  26. Terrific. What will happen next to the moose. Clever shot adding the heart to his hind quarter.

  27. Love the blue moose. I have been working at cleaning up the quilt stuff all over my house. A little at a time.

  28. Once in a blue moose sounds just about right!

  29. This looks like a lot of fun.
    We all need a once in a blue moose!
    You really have plenty to compare now you have tried out a few cutting systems.

  30. Wow, what an adorable blue moose wall quilt. It is really unique too.

  31. Please tell my you have a pattern for your Once in a blue Moon. My husband spent his first 38 years in Maine we are now stuck in Oklahoma and he longs for home and things from home. I need to make 2 of these. One for my husband and one for my sewing room.


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