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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My 2021 Stitching Resolution

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...
Yep, that's the song running through my head for this Covid infested year.
I'm ready for a new year and a new attitude!
Carla from "Creatin' in the Sticks" is helping us all refocus our energies and come up with a plan.
Making new stitching resolutions.
That is one New Year's resolution, I just might be able to stick with, for a change.

               1. Scrap bust...it's time to dump the junk again.
             2. Tackle those 3 totes of UFO's/use em or 
loose em!
            3.  Have fun with the 2021 Cackling Stitches 
                You can join our Facebook group HERE and join
           in, on this free BOM starting in March too!

I've had a great time with my 365 Silly Holiday blocks this year, but "whew" that kept me busy.
This year my resolution is to have many less commitments and spend more time working on "ME" projects. Well, me and my little sweet pea I'm sure.

Time just wasn't there for me this year, but I did manage to get a sampler done
 for Sweet Peas parents.
Remember that poem I wrote to go along with "Sweet Pea's" race car quilt?
 Brenda from "Songbird Designs", digitized not only the poem, but also the race car quilts. It stitched out beautifully, on my embroidery machine and Hobby Lobby did a wonderful job of framing it.
If you ever need anything digitized, check out "Songbird Designs". 
I've just over the top thrilled with the job she did. 
Thank you from the bottom on my heart, Brenda!
These are little 2020 Christmas gifts, for our Christmas Eve game night.
We love playing the Saran Wrap game and we up the ante, with silly gifts.
Dollar store plungers and antlers, toilet paper, clipart eyes I found online, and a pom pom nose.
Now that's the gift that keeps on giving!
Pardon my humor. LOL!!

Lastly, while cleaning out the closets, I found "yet" more uniform pieces from before I retired.
So I decided to deconstruct them and re-purpose them into a memory bear.
Thanks to "Funky Friends Factory", with the perfect "Memory bear" pattern.
My United Airline uniforms are now a true memory.
I had just enough fabric left to make a two more, so a couple of my friends got a bear for Christmas too.
Let just say, there were tears. I think they liked em!
It's always fun, when I can make someone cry. 

Please visit all my blogging buddies and see what their resolutions are for 2021

Happy New Year to all of you.
Praying for a better year ahead!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Hi Joan you look as if you have already got a great start on things. I just love those bears. I too will be glad to see the back of 2020 and that is not normally me, I hate the turning of the year but this year I am welcoming it with open arms, although I think we will be possibly going into another lockdown in January here in the UK!!!! At least that means I will have time to start on my Resolutions! Have a wonderful 2021. Hugs & Love, Susie xx

  2. Love the bears! Scrap play is always fun and you really can get quite creative to try and use them ALL up.

  3. I have many, many scraps to play with...I am excited to see them come to life!

  4. Love the Memory Bears, so cute and meaningful. I too will be bustin' scraps in 2021.

  5. Busting scraps is a very good resolution ;) I love your Teddy, a beautiful memory for you, and for your friends. Fun wrapped presents for Christmas Eve ;))

  6. I am currently making 5 memory quilts and those teddy bears would be such a great "extra" to add. Love them!!

  7. The bears are cute. Love the reindeer, they are awesome. Great list of goals.

  8. I love your bears. You have some great goals.

  9. Your resolutions are excellent ones, and I enjoyed seeing everything you showed us. Those TP reindeer are hilarious. The bears are very special. Great idea!

  10. Scrap bustin' needs to be on my list. I am always trying and but that scrap pile seems to grow as I am trying. lol The bears are so cute - I love that pattern! Your poem in embroidery - so precious. Your toilet paper plungers are priceless!

  11. Love the bears and that poem! And scrap bustin' is something I need to work on myself.

  12. Scrap busting really should have been only list too. I loved seeing your daily creations for the silly holidays but I can’t imagine keeping up with that.

  13. Love the bears made out of uniforms! What a great idea, and great gift!

  14. Great list. As you know I'm scrap busting this year too ;-} Looking forward to the March BOM and then there is the toilet paper reindeer. Love, love, love them.

  15. Using up stash is my ongoing resolution (has been for several years so you can imagine just how much stash I actually have!!). My daughter-in-love sent me two favourite onesies that our grandsons have outgrown with a special request for teddy bears so that's on my agenda too. I think I'll use the onesie for the bodies and then try to figure out how to add 'furry' heads and hands.

  16. ps - meant to say how much I love that wonderful idea for toilet paper gifting!

  17. The toilet paper reindeer, the framed embroidery, and finally those bears...all of them are great! What a treasure to have those bears in uniform. Let's hope 2021 gives us the much needed time and peace we all need. Cackling Stitches with you is just the best time ever! xo

  18. What fun TP reindeer! You are so clever! I'm looking forward to more "Cackling Stitches" fun this year.

  19. De stashing is ALWAYS a priority. But this year I mean it--again. Just sent a request to join Facebook group for Cackling Stitches.

  20. Great memory bears. Will look forward to see what your new BOM is on Crackling Stitches. Loved your silly holidays creations this year. Good luck on reaching your resolutions!

  21. Enjoy your year of "me" sewing. I look forward to seeing what you make. Love the memory bears.

  22. Love the memory bears. I think a lot of us are guiltly of not having enough me time sewing. So good luck and enjoy your sewing time.

  23. I have enjoyed seeing your 365 Holiday Block Parade. What an accomplishment. You are sew accomplished, though, it comes as no surprise that you got them done. Brovo! Looking forward to what you shall create in 2021, my friend. Happy New Year ... :) Pat

  24. Your 365 holiday minis have been awesome, but I totally understand less commitment for the year ahead. Play with your scraps and enjoy that little one. You are SEW very welcome for the poem, It turned out beautifully! I hope the parents loved it. Your memory bears are just awesome!! What a great idea to get rid of your uniforms with! LOL And, OMG LOVE, those reindeer!! You are so creative! Looking forward to the Cackling Stitches BOM!!! Can you say BOO!!??

  25. Hi Joan,
    I was super impressed with your holiday minis ... wow ... amazing!
    Love the memory bears!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  26. I love the fact that you are planning to take time to sew on projects for YOU!! The others seem fairly manageable. Best of luck!

  27. Those bears are adorable Joan! Like you I have 3 totes (or more) of quilt projects that I hope to at least work on in 2021. Your poem looks great worked up in machine embroidery, Brenda does such neat digitizing. Happy New Year!

  28. Those bears are so adorable. Scrap management and UFOs seem a common theme for all of us :-)

  29. What a year! 365 days of fun and those memory bears are just fabulous.

  30. The bears are so cute and perfect for their job as memory bears. Scrap management is top of my list for 2021. I think the scraps are taking over at the moment.

  31. I see a common thread here in our resolutions! Let's get those scrap bin emptied!

  32. Oh, Joan, I've always said, "Tears are the best gift." You hit a homerun with those bears. Best of luck with you're redolutions in 2021.

  33. I think your resolutions are very realistic and achievable. I am hoping to keep using up stash too, but know I will have a few purchases as I am thinking of a couple of quilts with batiks. That's not too bad.But this year has shown me how easy it was to use what I have.
    Love the way your poem has stitched out. That looks wonderful.
    Looks like you had a fun time with your games again. Great reindeer.
    And those bears are perfect. What special gifts.

  34. Thanks Calicijoan. I just joined the cackling Stitches after reading about it here.


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