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Monday, December 6, 2021

Virtual Cookie Exchange

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Yes, the time I feel expansion in my rear!

There will be much miseltoeing and hearts will be glowing

and Carol will be drawing us near...

(With her Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange that is)

Can you hear me singing this song in your head? Don't blame me, it's Carols fault.

But lets face it, we all love it!

This year I have to share something I love as much as I do Carol,
 but it's not a cookie.
No, this year it's truffles.
Oreo truffles to be exact, and Oreos are cookies, so that counts. 

There are many recipes out there for them, and they are incredibly easy to make.

(this one even shares how to booze them up a bit with things like Kahlua, Baileys or Rumchata)

https://www.cookingclassy.com/oreo-truffles-two-ways/ is my favorite recipe. 

I have found it a must to freeze them, before coating in the chocolate. I let them freeze overnight. Throwing a little splash of peppermint extract into that chocolate makes them awesome, if you like pepperment! They must be refrigerated. I had to laugh when they said you could freeze them up to 3 months in a sealed container. Seriously...they are awesome frozen, so what makes you think they would last 3 months! LOL!! Give them a try, I guarantee they will be a hit!

To help me celebrate the season, and also someone I won't have to share my truffles with...

I introduce to you "Ginger" and her little ones!
There is just something about the holidays that says gingerbread to me.
It's been years since I made a doll, but when I saw this pattern, I fell in love.

Inspector 12 was on duty during construction.

Every dolly needs a blankie...so with the help of "Crafter's Edge" she got her wish!

Their Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Person dies made it quick and easy, too.
Check them out HERE. The Gingerbread House die is on sale right now.

Please visit my fellow bloggers and see what goodies are cookin' up in their neck of the woods!
Leave them all a little sugar, with your sweet comments.
(For the complete schedule, click HERE)

For those interested in the doll pattern, it's from Ginger Creek Crossing, and they call her Cinnie-Sweet.
You can find more on her and lots of other Ginger friends HERE.

til next time...

Keep on Stitchin


  1. Your truffles look so tasty. I love the gingerbread quilt.

  2. The truffles sound so good! Love your gingerbread quilt and your number 12 inspector. Happy Holidays!

  3. Oreo truffles are the best! And you're right, they are SOOO EASY! I have even made them using the mint Oreos as well as the Golden Oreos with a little bit of pumpkin and cinnamon with white chocolate coating. YUM. Your Gingerbread doll is amazing. Thanks for linking the pattern. I just might have to make one for my girls!

  4. Oreo Truffles! Each year, I say I'm going to make them, and then the oreos get eaten (ahem) before I get them done! Maybe this year will be the year, using GF Oreos (which taste just like the others) for my daughter! Yum! Ginger and her little quilt are darling! Looks like Inspector 12 approves!

  5. The truffles look great. I think I may have to try those this year - both kinds! LOL Ginger and her little quilt are just adorable. I know Inspector 12 will enjoy playing with them!! She's the cutest of all!!

    1. PS: I can definitely hear you singing this song in my head! Thanks!! LOL

  6. Adorable doll and blankie. You and I were thinking on the same wave length. I made mint Oreo truffles. I will have to share something else! Great post!

  7. Ginger and her little ones are super cute as is the quilt. And of course your inspector who is just adorable. Always good to have some help to keep you straight ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, your little rhyme made me laugh out loud. Too funny! Those truffles wouldn't last long in my freezer, either. They look delicious! Ginger is just the cutest and so is your inspector. She looks like she was doing a great job on checking out your stitchings. I love the shoes on Ginger! The little quilt is a perfect companion to Ginger and those CE dies definitely make quick work of cutting fabric. Thanks for all you shared and do to help me through my days! xo

  9. Your Ginger doll and quilt are adorable! Cute little helper there too. ;) Your truffles look amazing - I'd probably go for the recipe that suggests a "splash" of Kahlua - lol!

  10. Oreo Truffles - YUMMY!! I must give these a go.
    Your gingerbread girl and her quilt are super cute.

  11. Joan I’m not sure I can pick out my favourite part of your post; Truffles (OMG), Inspector 12, Ginger, or her house quilt! Thank you for sharing them all 😄

  12. I am singing that song, but I have to keep my rear in check as my son is getting married in April. Those cookies look delicious and I love the gingerbread doll and her blanket.

  13. I'm still giggling with your song. Love oreos so a truffle made with them has to be YUMMMMM. Baby girl looks like a great inspector and the doll is super cute. I need to make doll blankets too. Merry Christmas my friend.

  14. Yum and with so few ingredients to make up. They are a must to try.

  15. OK now I need to try the truffles. I am sure the grands would appreciate them. The doll is so cute. Lately I have had a hankering to make some primitive dolls. I think it started seeing your pumpkin man during the Halloween hop.

  16. Oh, I love oreos so I am sure I'd love the truffles! Lovely gingerbread projects too.. thanks for sharing! xx

  17. I love the gingerbread quilt and dolls! So sweet! I'm a day late visiting bloggers or I would have seen yours before I placed my CE order yesterday--and ordered a gingerbread person die. Oh, well, next time... Oreo truffles are awesome and yours look delicious! Thanks, Joan!

  18. P.S. Inspector #12 is just the right person for these projects. So CUTE!!!

  19. I really need to try these but I dont think they would make it to the freezer. Your baby and the doll are adorable.

  20. Hi Joan! Oh my goodness - Inspector 12 is just precious. That dolly and blankie are just perfect for her. Your truffles look deeee-licious. I count that as a win even if it's not a cookie. Yummy is what counts in my book. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  21. Oh my, Oreo Truffles, what will they think of next. Sounds fabulous. And your sweet ginger bread gals and their blanket are just over the top.

  22. You had me at Oreo Truffles. Yummy! Love your little gingerbread projects, and the inspector seems to approve as well. Merry Christmas to you!

  23. All that talk about truffles makes me hungry! They do look wonderful!!!!
    Ginger is gorgeous and i love the blankie to go with her. I can see who is going to play with her the most! Perfect.

  24. I do love truffles, and yours look wonderful. The doll and quilt are also very pretty.


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