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Thursday, April 21, 2022

It's My Day on the Wonderful World of Color Blog Hop

 We have seen so many incredible projects this week, thanks to my awesome fellow bloggers. Today is my day to share, and in my world right now, my color is

Having been a boy mom all my life, pink wasn't a color we saw much of around here. 
Then came my lil "grandie" Sweet Pea, and that all changed.

I stumbled on this pattern on Pinterest and fell in love with it.

I was especially drawn to the pink version, but in my head I knew that the regular barn color would be best. What if I had little boy grandies down the road?
I talked it over with my quilt friends and we all were in agreement...
So what did I do?

Yep, not listen to anyone, including myself.

I just couldn't help it.

I love all the animals.

And that turquoise hair'd horse!

I "girlie'd" it up a little bit more, with flowers from a quilt pattern from 
"Red Boot Quilt Company".

This sweet little "Highland Cow" is the first animal in the barn.
A friend of mine makes all kinds of fun amigurumi crochet animals and dolls.
You can check out her facebook page

The peak on the barn was easy to make with PVC pipes. I couldn't get the top of the barn to keep from sagging, so I got out my drill and put a couple of holes in the elbows on the top and popped in a dowel rod. Ta-Dah! That was all it took.
Duct tape holds it all down nicely and it's easy to dis-assemble and store when not in use.

Speaking of use... I would love to report that it was met with resounding "LOVE", but not really.
Right now it's just a place to go and get away to "poop". I guess we all have to have a place like that!
She can hide, but I can still smell her!
Gotta love it, don't ya?

Her new barn has joined past hop projects...definitely a pink theme going on here.
Just as I finished up her room, we got the news!

Needless to say, I'm over the moon excited, but does this mean I just might have to un-girlie her room just a little bit and make a new barn? Who knows...blue might just be the next color, in my world.
We will know soon!

 The Big Sister T-Shirt, is thanks to Thermoweb's

HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets

Using that, and free clip-art online makes it fast and easy to customize a shirt.

No matter what color the world is, this little chick is going to love being a big sister.

For those of you interested in the barn pattern, I found it on Etsy HERE, but it looks like there is only 1 left, so you better grab it while you can if your interested.

Thanks for hanging out with us this week!
Make sure you visit my fellow bloggers today...


  1. There will be many happy hours spend at the farm. Well done grandma on creating such a wonderful colourful project.

  2. What a wonderful project! Way to go grandma! If you need a blue one, I'm sure you'll be up to the task.

  3. Ha!...Is that not just the cutest, funest thing ever! So better and more fun than a blanket or quilts tent. So full of great details for playtime. You’re the best Granny on the farm! Congrats on double the fun!

  4. I forgot to mention that it’s the cutest outhouse ever too!!!

  5. I just love this! My girls would go wild for it. I would probably use it to throw all their stuffed animals (out of sight out of mind lol) and they would probably use it to be the animals themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a cool project and surely one that your granddaughter (and other little ones) will come to love. Also, I think the way you built the framework for it is genius.

  7. Lots of play time ahead. She is growing up so fast. Congrats on the new little to be!!

  8. Love the barn! I'm sure she will eventually enjoy actually playing in there--and the new baby will too, whether boy or girl. Thanks for hosting the hop and sharing such cool projects!

  9. OMG! That is adorable, Joan. Congrats on the Big Sister news!! SEW what, if the color changes? You can just make a BLUE barn to go with the pink one so they will each have their own space! :o))

  10. Congratulations, my friend. No matter what, another will be so fun. What a great project and someday she will do more that hide in it. So colorful and love the animals.

  11. Well done. I can see her room turning into a little village very soon. After all I think every one should have their own place to poo. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family

  12. Congratulations on the news about becoming a grandma again! I guess your world will soon be, "Color me BUSY"!!! 2 little ones will be double the fun. You made that cute playhouse for a girl, so even if you have a boy grandbaby, he will be too little to even know about pink being more girly. When my son (second born) was little he would dress up in his sister's hand me down pink ballet shoes that she had outgrown. They were comfy and easy to slip on by himself. I never worried about color and gender when they were young. He wore her outgrown pink and purple striped PJ's too. I didn't say a word about it. It's when you give a child a reason to question things like pink is for girls and blue for boys that you make them confused and they repeat what you say, even if they don't fully understand it then. My daughter wore a lot of blue too and there wasn't any issue at all, ever.

  13. I have that pattern in my stash but have yet to make it for any of my grandies. You might have nudged me in the right direction!!!

    1. ps. Forgot to say congratulations! A new wee one to love - how exciting!!!!!

  14. Adorable barn/playhouse and granddaughter! What fun! Thanks so much for a great hop!

  15. That is adorable and congratulations! He frame could be interchangeable with a blue tent. :)

  16. That is the most adorable barn, Joan and such awesome news that Sweet Pea will be a big sister! That's even more fun! You will definitely stay busy with two little ones. Of course, you could have been like us, trying to feed and change two at one time! LOL I loved it but glad they are 10 now! LOL Congrats to you and your family!

  17. what a cute barn and well horses and cows poop in barns so why not her?? hilarious! Thanks for hosting this hop, it's been fun to hop around!

  18. You really met the color challenge for this one...love it! If there is a boy in the future, just make a blue one for him and make them card table neighbors. Your Sweet Pea is just the cutest!

  19. This post was definitely a day brightener! I love the pink barn and the flowers, and that Highland Cow - I want one! Congrats on the news of the new arrival to your family too!

  20. Well if this isn't the cat pyjamas. Every little girl I know would swoon over the barn palace. The animals, the flowers, and the "special place" to go. It is just perfect!
    I think you are a great grammie.

  21. Glad to see that you followed your heart and made the pink barn. So cute! And congratulations on the new one coming this fall!

  22. I mean, what do you think animals do in a barn?? :) She's clearly just keeping it authentic! Seriously, this is the CUTEST barn I have ever seen! I'm sure it will become a play place for Sweat Pea and her little sibling! Congrats on the expected new addition!

  23. All such cute and colorful projects. You really have been busy for sure. The blog hop is so much fun.

  24. Oh, Joan, that is just the cutest ever. Sweet Pea's use of the barn may not be perfectly wonderful but in years to come it will be PERFECT! Every child needs a special place and the barn will be hers. That is wonderful to hear that you'll soon be Grandma again. Hmmm...perhaps you should have made that darling barn in a more neutral color...yellow - green - browns???
    Thanks for making another wonderful hop happen for us. The projects have all been so refreshing and colorful!

  25. What great news and what an adorable project!

  26. Joan what a sweet barn! I love the girlie colours! And those incredible animals! Congratulations Gramma on the soon to be next little in your family.

  27. Oh the barn is awesome! My grandmother used to make something like that for me out of an old sheet it had a lightweight frame. I used mine for napping, but Sweetpea's use is awesome. :D Congratulations on grand 2. Oh and the Highland cow is fabulous.

  28. Your barn is simply wonderful. What a great idea. Love the pink, too. And boys can get used to that colour. All the animals are delightful and the flowers, too. I am impressed with the construction. Very sensible and workable.
    I know i have already said it, but that is exciting news to have another on the way. But you know what that means. No rest for you!!!!


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