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Friday, April 22, 2022

Wonderful World of Color Day 5

Day five has arrived and it always makes me just a little sad.
We have seen some incredibly colorful projects this week, but it's not over yet.

Kathy shared her not so yellow..."Yellow Brick Road" quilt with us along with different interpretations from students she taught.

Wendy knocked our socks off today with a fabulous improv quilt with all her glorious colors!

Karen singing her song, created a tote bag that's just perfect.

Julia not only rocked the color world, but the math world too. If only I had stuck with geometry in school!

Rachel took us on a journey of reflection on our world today and really made us stop and think. Thank you for such a powerful post.

 Joan (that's me) shared a barn in a color no one has likely ever seen. Oh and a little secret too!

What can I say about my fellow bloggers this week?

You truly colored my world.
Thank you for helping make this a fun and fabulous hop.
You really do make the world go round!

Check out all the projects from this week on our "Pinterest" board

Don't forget next month, our hop theme 

Hosted by none other than the fabulous Carla, from "Creatin' in the Sticks".
If you haven't signed up yet, drop her an email with your name, your blog name, blog URL, your email address and any special request. We do our best to honor them.

Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt" is hosting the June hop.

Sign ups are open, so drop her a line as well if you want to play along with us.

July I will be hosting the UFO Blog Hop. Sign ups will open the last day of Carla's 
"Foodie" hop next month. Get your thinking caps on and start dreaming up your projects now.
Do you see unfinished projects, or aliens, or something else???


  1. Another fabulous batch of projects shared, Joan. Thanks for the heads-up about the next few Blog Hops, too! Off to mark my calendar...

  2. It was an amazing blog hop that was full of color and inspiration...loved it! Thanks for hosting and of course I'll be in line to sign-up for the UFO hop. I have plenty of those!

  3. Thanks for the colorful inspiration


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