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Monday, April 17, 2023

Say What? Challenge Day 1 Wrap Up

Yep, us bloggers sure did have a lot to say...
  • Selina shared a couple of stories of her quilting adventurers. I love that our quilts really do have stories that we keep forever in our hearts.
  • Carol blew me away with her travel bag that she made, using a fun technique and stash busting as well. Nice job and very inspirational. I want to play now.
  • Daryl's purse making ability is just out of this world. She has once again blown me away with her creativity and generosity. Her mission is the Sew Powerful Purse Project. I know the girls in Zambia are loving all her work, as well.
  • Elana started my day with a big ole laugh. Her "Crap" basket hit my funny bone today! Lets be honest here...who doesn't need a "crap" basket?
  • Kris shared a wonderful tutorial for a bipartisan committee table topper. It's gorgeous! If only we had more bipartisan anything, right now. LOL! Thanks for your ray of sunshine Kris.
  • Lastly I had a few things to say with my love of whimsical quilts and a real "Say What?" finish.

This is a sign hanging in a friends bathroom. While it hasn't happened yet,
 it's screaming to be a project down the road. 

Here is a list of tomorrows bloggers.
Visit them and show them all a little love!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love that sign in your friend's home. That's a keeper. I'm thinking of a pillow for my workplace (an Assisted living facility) that says, "we are always the same age inside." If only I didn't fear those tiny Fpp letters so much! Thanks for the shout out and this extra fun hop!! XOXO

  2. All of your quilts are great, but my favorite is the chicken! So cute! I am impressed you finished the Chilhowie quilt. Wow, what an accomplishment. You did a beautiful job.

  3. thank you for the shoutout Joan and the beautiful reminder to Smell the Roses. Love the sign in your friend’s bathroom. 😉 Carol QuiltSchmilt@gmail.com


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