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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Say What? Sew-it Show- It Challenge Blog Hop

You know how us blogging quilters are!
We always have something to say. 
It just seemed like the perfect theme for this months Challenge.

I love saving photos and ideas that come across my computer, that inspire me.
Many will never actually be turned into anything, but it's fun to dream!
A Little Spark of Kindness!
This was inspired by an image I saved, but  unfortunately I didn't note where I found it online, so I can't give credit, where credit is due. 
I broke into some of my snow dyed fabric for the background on this one.
It's been a long time since I have dyed fabrics, but Dharma Trading Company has hooked me again with their new Ice dying powders. I hope to get on those very soon!

Wordy, whimsical, silly quilts always make me laugh and sometimes tell a story, about the times we are living in.  So, on this next one...
 I believe I have found the reason our egg prices have been so crazy recently.

Explains a lot, now doesn't it?
This inspiration came from 2 different "Whipper Snapper" rubber stamps.
If you have never seen their website, you need to check it out.
They have the cutest designs. I linked their page for you, above.

I actually had a more serious "Say What" moment this year.
I started the Bonnie Hunter Mystery (as I always do), but this time I not only kept up with it, but I completed it. It's not sitting in a grocery sack or in a project pile.
Happy Dance!
This is "Chilhowie" 

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Please make sure you "say" something nice, too. We all love reading your comments.           Remember...

The complete schedule for this hop can be found HERE.

Make sure you check in on Thursday with me. I'll have the June hop announcement!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Fabulous quilts, Joan . You certainly brought a smile to my day. Lol I love the Wicked Chicken Quilt

  2. Love your quilts and their sentiments! That chicken quilt really makes this Massachusetts girl smile; "wicked" is one of our favorite words lol.

  3. love your Bonny Hunter finish, congrats. Your kindness quilt is very profound at 6:30 in the morning but the chick is a great smile for me to start my day.

  4. A big 'ole congrats for finishing Chilhowie, I know me and I will never start one as I wouldn't finish it so I will just enjoy looking at others who do the work! Cute cute cute chicken hanging!

  5. I love Dahrma Trading Company!!! I get their fiber reactive dies and love dying whole yards of fabric using the low water immersion method. I also use them for tie dye with my Girl Scouts and the parents cannot believe how vibrant they are and how vibrant they stay! We are actually doing it in a few weeks with some shirts we designed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Joan, you always have such FUN projects! My hand dyed fabric days are way behind me now (even though I still have lots of yardage of dyed fabrics to use). Too much mess for me now. But I LOVE using hand dyed fabric (and batik) the most! I have saved several of Bonnie's "Mystery" quilts from the past, but never once have I started one. I wanted to see them first and I never wanted to make such a large quilt, but I may go back and make some smaller version one day. Thanks for hosting/hostessing!

  7. YES! I'm so glad to hear that you've finished a Bonnie quilt! There are always so many pieces that it's easy (I can tell you.) to set it aside. What a cute saying about 'kindness'. Of course, sunshine always is a blessing and I sang (croaked out) "You Are My Sunshine" to my grands as I changed a diaper. :) You are a blessing who is filled with kindness.

  8. Your Bonnie Hunter quilt is amazing and gorgeous! All those pieces would end up in a bag if it was mine, but I know you love that challenge and you are good at it. Such sweet sayings in your beautiful dyed fabrics. I have never dyed anything, so you once again have me in awe. Thanks for being the bestest hostess!

  9. Great quilts, I love both of them. Your Bonnie Hunter quilt is beautiful, congratulations on the finish. I am currently working on Winter Blues. Thanks for again being an amazing hostess!

  10. Beautiful dyed fabrics and sweet saying make very cute quilts. Your Bonnie Hunter quilt looks amazing.

  11. What fun projects!! And way to go on completing Bonnie's mystery!!

  12. Such fun quilts! Love the kindness quote! And gratz on your mystery completion! I Still have two waiting to be finished!

  13. SEW cute! And I love the colours of Chilhowie!!! Congratulations on your finish!

  14. Thanks for sharing the quilted quotes! Your finish is gorgeous. I haven't even started mine, but I've been admiring the ones that I've seen posted, here and there.

  15. Such fun sayings...and yes, the more kindness the better off we all are! Great hop, thanks for hosting.

  16. I really like the chicken - I love puns, I don't care what anyone says. =) And there can never be too much kindness.

  17. As always Joan, your post brought a smile to my face and lightened my heart! I’ll never again look at a devilled egg without giggling. I love your Chilhowie. It is a beautiful finish. Thank you for such a fun theme this month. 😁 Carol QuiltSchmilt@gmail.com

  18. All pretty quilts. I especially love the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. You definitely brought smile to my day.

  19. all these projects are awesome!

  20. Just love both of your wall hangings! And the quilt is simply gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this blog hop! xx

  21. I'm so late to the party, but the smiles are definitely here! Congrats on the finish and thank you for your humor. You always bring the giggles. Thanks for hosting another great challenge.

  22. Look at how busy you have been. Love the two with the sayings. great fun with the eggs!!!!
    And I am so impressed with the Bonnie Hunter quilt. That is a great finish.
    It looks amazing!

  23. Awesome quilts and a great Blog Hop/Challenge theme!!


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