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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Say What? Challenge Day 3 Wrap Up


Yep, us bloggers sure have a lot to say...

  • Gail delighted us with a fun quilty assortment of memes. But her "What Happens at Quilt Retreat, Stays at Quilt Retreat" wall hanging was the absolute best. She also shared an Iron on quilt label book that has me heading off to find one for myself!
  • Sharon blew my mind today when she talked about her and her guild creating a quilt starting at the borders. What a different way to approach a quilt. It just proves, we never stop learning.
  • Leah shared her crazy quilted project bags with us today and where to find the "Free" pattern. How many of you actually use those decorative stitches on your machine. I seldom use them, but that might have to change.
  • Moira shared her pieced circles and the link to the tutorial that makes them easy. I'm all about the easy way and will definitely be checking that out. She also finished off a beautiful heart mini that carried a huge message!
  • Sharon and Susan, our Ms P Design USA team shared a story of days gone by, when tea parties with friends allowed for story telling. Times may have changed, but their coffee, tea or me lineup of patterns make it easy for us, to stitch up our memories.
  • Kathy shared an adorable quilt for Emerson, along with different ways to incorporate words into our projects. She is the master of free motion writing.
Here's another "wordy" idea saved in my file of things to do...
Hopefully this isn't too off color for you, but it really made me laugh.
Maybe it was all those years, working in customer service at the airport.
There's a lot of stories there for sure!

Tomorrow is the final day of our "Say What?" hop. 
You don't want to miss what these bloggers have to say!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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