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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

It's a Dogs Life Challenge

This months challenge is all about the dogs for me.
With 2 little ones around all week, I have become an aficionado, when it comes to cartoons. There are plenty of them featuring dogs, but "Bluey" is my little ones favorite and I have do say, it's mine too. If you don't know about "Bluey" it's an Australian cartoon about a blue healer family. The story lines all revolve around parents playing with kids. It's really a heart warming show that I love watching as much as my little's do. When Carol announced this theme, I went right to the internet in search of Bluey clipart and was all ready to start on an applique quilt, BUT...then I saw these embroidery designs at Applique Designz and it was game over!

I have not been in love with my embroidery machine for a very long time. Most days it works my last nerve, in fact I even put it up on Facebook marketplace and tried to unload it! Unfortunately or as it turns out fortunately, I wasn't able to. These designs were just so darn cute that I decided to give them a try and was pleasantly surprised. Was it the digitizing or was it the threat of me selling it off?
Whatever it was, my machine behaved beautifully for a change.
Yes, I thanked my lucky stars. LOL!!

I embroidered and quilted each block separately and put them together, with the QAYG method.

The 2 stars of the show, are Bluey and Bingo.

What all lead up to this, was a challenge a few months ago where I was captivated with this You Tube video, one of our fellow bloggers shared...

It's been on my radar ever since and actually how I found the embroidery designs

Someone is going to have to grow into his...

But it's safe to say this little girl loves hers!

Now hop on over and see what the dog days of summer has brought out, in my fellow bloggers today.
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Here's a big ole pink "Smoochy" from Coco, to all! 

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  1. Pretty embroidery, and quilt. So glad that your machine behaved.

  2. My little Miss D loves Bluey so I guess I need to get busy and make her a towel. I'm glad your machine decided to be nice, because that is such an fun quilt full of Bluey's friends. Adorable models in those sweet towels! Thanks for sharing all this cuteness!

  3. I'm so glad you and your machine have come to terms. These characters came out so dang cute and make such a wonderful quilt. Not to mention towels, When will the 2nd one be finished or is this one just for you. I think both of the little cuties will want one of their own to match their hoodies. Great job.

  4. Oh gosh! I've been wanting to attempt the hooded towels! Yours turned out adorable!

  5. I love bluey! I found some bluey fabric at hobby lobby!

  6. What a fun quilt! My DGD is also a Bluey fan. Love how your towels turned out.

  7. That is too funny - just get ready to kick that machine to the curb and it starts behaving. Both the quilt and the towels are fabulous projects. Kept that video link as maybe I will do some for my grand nieces!

  8. Good for you for not giving up on the embroidery. The quilt turned out so cute, but those towels and their models are just adorable.

  9. Bluey is so much fun. i am glad you are hooked on it, too. Our youngest grandie is starting to get a little old for it, but will still watch it and sing along if it is on. That means i can watch it too.
    I love how you have used all the characters in your quilt. That is gorgeous.
    And the hooded towels are wonderful. That is a lovely idea.
    By the way, those grandchildren of yours are looking great and are growing fast!

  10. Very cute! Love the hooded towels! Quilting gail

  11. Very cute quilt, Joan. I'm glad you and your embroidery machine made peace! Sometimes they can give you fits, but I also say the quality of the digitized embroidery is key also, as well as the stabilization, thread, etc! Sometimes machines are picky about thread. Those hooded towels brought me back to when I used to make them for my grands. They loved them!

  12. All neat embroidery projects! I bet the kids will love those towels for a long time!

  13. oh wow, such cute projects! Love the towels best - so gorgeous!! xx..


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