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Friday, October 27, 2023

Drum Roll Please...

Are you ready?

 Our fabulous blogging community always come out to support our hops and we love you all for it. Carol and I have put our heads together and come up with some themes we hope you will love, for next years blog hops. The key to keeping our hops going is to give you time to plan out and create your projects in advanced. 

So without further ado...

2024 Blog Hop Challenges

January 22-25 White Rabbit (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: On the first day of each month, there is a tradition for people to say "white rabbit" first thing in the morning. The phrase is supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the month. Even President Roosevelt did this. Make something with white fabrics, rabbits, or white rabbits. What is a tradition you follow?

February 19-22 It Moose Be Love (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

  Challenge: It’s the month of “Love”. Show us what it is, you love. Moose are optional of course. LOL!!

March 18-21 Give it a Whirl (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: Life can send us spinning sometimes, so let’s put those spins and whirls to good use in a quilt.  Make something with pinwheel blocks, circle quilting, or whirly gigs. Try not to whirl out of control! 

April 22-25 April Showers (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Late snow showers, rain showers, baby showers, wedding showers. What do you like to shower everyone with? 

May 20-23 On the Road Again (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: May starts the summer of travel so where would you like to go?  Make something showing transportation vehicles (cars, planes, buses, etc.), summer fun, or a place you’d like to travel to. 

June 17-20 For the Birds (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Angry birds, crazy birds, whimsical birds, or flying  geese. If it’s a bird, this is their time to show their colors 

July 22-25 Something Smells Fishy (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: This one is easy! Make something with a fish in the fabric or in the quilt design (applique or pieced fish.)

August 19-22 It’s a Jungle (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Animals, plants, trees…what’s in your jungle? 

September 23-26 Bee Kind (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: September is the time to remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Share your “kind” projects. Your favorite charity project, a free online pattern or anything that shows you spread a little kindness, everywhere you go.

October 21-24 Something Wicked (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: Your idea of “wicked” might be completely different than mine, so take this where you want to.  Of course, it is Halloween related so include that in all your wicked creations. 

November 18-21 Gnome for Thanksgiving (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: To “Gnome” them is to love them! Throw a little Thanksgiving twist into your “Gnomie” project! 

December 2-6 Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: You don’t have to bake anything for this, but if you have a favorite recipe or tradition, that’s what we’d love to see. Share a Christmas project with mean ole’ Mr. Grinch or a past/present quilt you’ve made.

You can download the list and print it HERE

The rules are simple, send us an email if you would like to participate with your name, your blog name, your blog address and a date preference if you have one. Post the hop button on your blog, make your project and write a post. Have it scheduled by midnight EST, (eastern standard time) New York time. That way our early risers and those from other countries around the globe can see it when they wake up.
It really is fun and you make so many wonderful online friends. We welcome everyone and every skill level. Your welcome to have giveaways if you choose, but it is not required.
Inspiration and motivation, is what we are all here for.

What is new this year, is for those of you who don't blog but have an Instagram account or Facebook page. You can join in on the fun by posting your project with a hashtag, the hop name and the year. (EX: #WhiteRabbitBlogHop2024) or #FortheBirdsBlogHop2024)

Our fabulous blogging community has always come out to support our hops and we hope these additions will open things up to so many more quilt lovers! A huge thanks to all of you who play along with us.
UPDATE: We will continue to take signups about 2 months prior to the hop. Life gets in the way sometimes and we don't want anyone to feel over-committed. If you are interested in the hops, we will add your name to an email list and send out reminders when new hops open up.

Cheers, to the fun to come...

OH, and it's not like we keep springing new things on you...
but check back with us on Monday for yet another announcement.
Just for the Halloween lover in you!


 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. Every single one of those is so tempting! I know I'd be lucky if I could do two of them. I will e-mail you about at least two hops I want to do. You women are SO creative! And mean, too, making me wait until Monday for the new announcement! =)


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