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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Monster Mash Sew-It Show-It Blog Hop

It's my day on the "Monster Mash" hop and while there are no monsters in my project, that doesn't mean that the ghouls and goblins didn't mess with me, as I was sewing it! I blame them, but it really was my fault. There were so many little pieces and they all were cut different sizes. I labeled them, but next time I would add the size of each piece on the label and attach the labels much better, as well. 
Live and learn. LOL!!

This is my "Witches Night Out" quilt. The pattern is from "It's Sew Emma".
I precut it and took it on my quilt retreat last month. Whew...never have I ever drawn so many diagonal lines for one quilt before.

I stitched and I stitched...

and had so much fun, watching it come together...

My hotel room bed was a great design wall.

If you caught my earlier post, you saw just how convenient that bed was. Perfect height for sitting on to sew. Heck, I didn't even have to get out of bed all day if I didn't want to, especially since my roomie brought me coffee in the mornings!

I love this time of the year!

 It was the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot and Sweet Pea had to get in on the action.

 Little Man approved, as well!

 Although it was more like, get me out of this thing, so I can get down and drool on something new!

While on retreat, we were treated to an hour long Q&A with Jenny Doan, Misty and Natalie! Those girls sure know how to motivate a person. They were talking about their triple play "YouTube" videos. Having never seen one, I decided to search them out when we got back to our room. I was so inspired by one of them, that when I came home, I dumped out all my Halloween fabric stash, went right to work on my version.

This is from their rail fence video. 
I borrowed the bat from another quilt pattern I had made 8 years ago, surprisingly enough it just came up on my Facebook memories the other day!

This is "Scaredy Bat" from Ribbon Candy Quilt Company.

There are so many fun things you can do with this rail fence tutorial. Check it out for yourself!

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 til next time...

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  1. All beautiful quilts. I especially love Witch's Night Out. As you said, no monsters, but there is is cat in the mix. Your work is always perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness, that witchy quilt does look like it could very easily been possessed at each and every tiny little point. From my perspective it was a magical outcome. Love all of your pieces and will definitly check out that video.

  3. I love your quilts, Joan! I'm putting the rail fence on my list. Thanks for the hop!

  4. EEEK! Love your version of WNO, so cool!

  5. Those tiny pieces in different sizes are monsters, but you conquered them and that quilt is awesome! Sewing it in your little hotel room must have needed some special spells and potions to make it happen. Cozy but effective! Your Jenny Doan creation is spooky cute. She is so inspirational and fun! Your autumn photos are beautiful as are Sweet Pea and Little Man. Thank you for hosting, you wickedly wonderful friend!

  6. OM gosh, you made so many adorable quilts. I didn't realize how many diagonal lines would be involved until I looked back at the quilt. I would have been fooled, too. All of those quilts are just wonderful; you've been busy! Aren't grands just the best - such fun and photogenic, too. Enjoy!

  7. So many great quilts...but the newest is my favorite. Your quilts are always so much fun and I can't imagine the fun you had on retreat and a seminar with MSQ! The video looks intriguing...might have to catch it today while the longarm is running!

  8. Adorable quilts, and grandchildren! Thanks for another great blog hop, it got my creative juices going for sure.

  9. You did such a beautiful job on Witches’ Night Out. I have that pattern but have not made it as yet. I will keep your advice about labeling the pieces. Your other quilt is just too cute!! Rail fence is my favorite block. You did a fantastic job!!

  10. (okay, if my previous half-written post sent, please delete it! LOL)
    Oh I love this time of year sooo much! I definitely love pumpkins but I think the black cat on the broom steals the show in your quilt! And the bat. I don't do skeletons or any of that stuff but I do love black cats, bats and all the fun cute things! Beautiful quilt!

  11. Cute quilt. Love the pumpkins!

  12. You've given me some ideas for handling some miscellaneous Halloween blocks...

  13. Such fun quilts! I really like the quilt pieces inside the pumpkins on the first quilt and the bat adds the perfect touch to your second!

  14. Great quilts! You did such a beautiful job on both. I really love the rail fence cutie.

  15. I love the Witch’s Night Out quilt. I can see where it could get quite challenging to keep everything straight. The others are so cute too.

  16. What smashingly fun quilts! Thanks for sharing. 🕸

  17. Amazing quilts! "Witches Night Out" looks like so much work, but the end result is stunning.

  18. Fun quilts, Joan! Great pics of the littles too! They are growing so quickly! I will have to check out the triple play videos too! Sounds like you had a great retreat!

  19. Oh my gosh, I love those! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Just a note to say thank you for hosting this blog hop. Always a joy for me to see all the inspiration.

  21. Beautiful projects! The rail fence is awesome and I am going to have to try it. Anything to do with pumpkins has my full attention. Your Witches Night Out quilt is amazing!

  22. Well. It took my comment away from me! LOL. I like all three of your beautiful projects, and appreciate your linking that video in. What a joy to have instruction from such wonderful quilters. Your little ones are also adorable, and I bet when they come over, they are so helpful! LOL Wonderful quilts!

  23. Thanks for sharing all your quilts! I especially like Witch's Night out! :-)

  24. Wonderful work on both those quilts. they look great.
    Lots of patience with all those pieces.
    I like your variation of the post and rail fence.
    Of course the grandies loved the, too. After being around you all the time they know how important quilts are!! (Karen, Sunburnt Quilts.)


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