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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Turkey Trot Blog Hop


Welcome to the "Turkey Trot" blog hop. 
It's that time of the year, when we are thankful for all the things life has given us, and the people who are in it. 
Turkey has come to represent the Thanksgiving season, but this year there is no turkey in sight. LOL!!
No, this year I went went through the books on my shelf and picked one that had been collecting dust for a few years! 

This is my version of "Pumpkin Hill" a pattern by Anne Sutton.

I love with the whimsical folk art designs and the fact that is was perfect for some stash busting.
It's always a win, when I don't have to buy fabric for a project. 

We had a very cold and frosty morning, one day last week. 
It was calling me to go out and take some photos.

The sun was just coming out and these poor little guys were freezing
 their tails off.  LOL!!

I loved how the light danced on it. Kind of a reminder that even in the coldest of times, the sun warms the heart of the home!
It seems so appropriate, with Thanksgiving coming up next week.

I am lucky enough, to not have to do the cooking this year. It's fun to hand the baton to the next generation...and maybe not have to do the dishes!

Hop on over and visit my friends and see what's cookin' for their "Turkey Trot" projects today.

Monday November 13 

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Just when you think you can turn off your oven...

Carol jumps in and hosts her annual "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange".
We have 27 bloggers who have been busy getting ready, just for you!
I can hardly wait!

And in January Carol hosts the "White Rabbit" hop.
Challenge: On the first day of each month, there is a tradition for people to say "white rabbit" first thing in the morning. The phrase is supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the month. Even President Roosevelt did this!  Make something with white fabrics, rabbits or white rabbits. What is a tradition you follow?

Drop her an email, if  you want to play along.

Wishing you all, a very blessed Thanksgiving season!

 til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. I LOVE this quilt! It is perfect for the hop and for the Thanksgiving season!

  2. Quilts with warm colored fabrics are so cozy looking and perfect for cooler weather. I love the squirrels flying from one block to another...too cute! Sweet blocks in this quilt and a great start to the Turkey Trot. Thanks for being the bestest of the bestest at hosting!

  3. Wonderful! I like the darker colors on yours; that's a plus. What fun...not only did you use stash fabrics but you also used that "dusty" pattern. Perfect!

  4. Beautiful quilt Joan and the little squirrels are adorable!

  5. Perfect quilt for Thanksgiving! The colors fit right in with the season. Love it!

  6. This quilt is AMAZING! I wish I could tackle a Bunny Hill pattern, but the applique scares me to death. You made a GORGEOUS quilt - the house block is my favorite! The little pumpkins and the sunflower alongside the house - it's just so cozy! I love your color choices, fabric choices, everything! I've already passed the baton to my daughter, she has hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past few years. I always make plenty of food to take over to share, though! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Love, love, love that quilt. I need to get that pattern, it has two of my favorite things, squirrels and pumpkins. Great work Joan!

  8. This quilt is lovely! It looks especially cozy for this time of year.

  9. The Folk Art style is perfect for fall/Thanksgiving quilts, and always a style I love. I think the crows and pumpkins are my fave but those squirrels are cute too!

  10. LOVE your quilt! And what a bonus that it was made from your stash! A win-win!!
    Quilting Gail

  11. Oh, that's a perfect Autumn quilt - has all the good things! Love it! Way to go, shopping your stash!

    1. so weird that I come up anon! Deonn@quiltscapesqs.com

  12. I love Pumpkin Hill and the dappled sunlight is perfect. Hooray for not cooking...I look forward to that some day!

  13. What an adorable quilt you have made! So fun.

  14. That’s so cute! I love the whimsy and the lighting on it is fantastic.

  15. Love your Pumpkin Hill quilt! Those little critters chasing about are so cute! Really gets me in the mood for the holidays.

  16. Your quilt is fabulous! Thanks for sharing, and happy Thanksgiving.

  17. You always have the most beautiful creations. I must say, I'm a little envious of the time you have to devote to your projects!

  18. lovin this squirrely start to this hop. Your quilt is wonderful and the shots using the rising sun are great. I really need to drag my box (s) of quilt books off the shelf in the garage for ideas. The internet may be quicker the oldies are goodies.

  19. I am loving the quilt that you made. Beautiful!

  20. lovely post and quilt! Thank you for hosting this!

  21. Really cute and so detailed - beaquilter - blogger is stupid and won't me log in

  22. Look how late I am with this one. Love seeing your idea for Thanksgiving. It is a gorgeous little quilt.
    I hope you had a lovelyThanksgiving Day, especially with no cooking!!!
    Karen, Sunburnt Quilts.


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