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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

White Rabbit Blog Hop - Wilson is that You?

It's my day to share...

 I am going to be honest here. I really thought that Carol had lost her mind on this one. Who ever heard of saying "White Rabbit" for good luck???

So I went right to my favorite fact checker...Madame Google! LOL!!

Well colored me shocked when it took me to the Farmers Almanac who confirmed that Carol, indeed had all of her brain cells in full working order! It referred to this tradition as being quirky! Now there is the perfect word! "Quirky" kind of applies to most of us now, doesn't it! 

I've linked "Farmers Almanac" for you. It's kind of a fun read!
There were some pretty alarming things that popped up during my research, too. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, having a rabbits foot was really cool and did represent good luck. I will never look at a rabbits foot the same again. 
But enough about that...on to the really fun part of blog hops...projects!

Remember "Wilson"?  Tim Taylor's nosy neighbor on "Home Improvement".
This guy reminds me of him...just his head peeking up over the fence!

I put on my thinking cap for this one, and came up with a fun little wall quilt, with 6" blocks I can change out every month. 

January is a snowman kind of month.

These little Churn Dash blocks were so much fun to dream up.
I can't wait to change them out from month to month and I might even have to add a few more.
Everytime I find clipart that catches my eye, I can't help but think... oh how cute!

So now every month when I change out my block, I will definitely be saying "White Rabbit" too!
Thanks Carol for hosting this fun and informative hop. It goes to show, you can teach this ole girl a new trick!

Be sure you visit my fellow bloggers this month, and see just what White Rabbit project they have come up with. Please make sure you leave a comment. You have no idea, just what those comments mean to all of us. I know our lives are busy, but please take a moment and leave a sweet message on all the blogs.

Carol has a giveaway for one lucky person, who visits and comments. You can sign up right here as well, and have double the chance of winning. All rules must be met to qualify.

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You can find the complete schedule HERE 

I will see all of you, next month at 

If you haven't signed up yet, there are a few spaces still available!
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 til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. Very cute quilt. I do remember Wilson, the neighbor from Home Improvement. Your churn dash blocks are really nice too. They will each look good on the rabbit quilt.

  2. What a clever idea! I love your "Wilson" bunny peaking over the fence, and all the monthly blocks.

  3. I love your Wilson quilt Joan, and am still marvelling that you get so much accomplished . Hanging the blocks out is definitely a winner. Thanks for being part of this fun hop.

  4. I just love Wilson and how fun to change those cute little blocks. I have been called a lot of things, but 'quirky' is a new one.

  5. What a super idea! So creative. I love it....I think I am inspired to do something similar! Hmmmmm...

  6. You Wascally Wabbit...you came out a winner on this one. I love it! I could see myself going mad looking for all the designs, but it would be so fun. This needs a pattern and instructions. You can whip that right out in your spare time, right? As for losing my mind and having all my brain cells, you know that isn't totally true. LOL Thank you for sharing this wonderful White Rabbit idea! xo

  7. awww - such a cute rabbit - and he does remind me of Wilson! I like the idea of changing out the little quilts throughout the year.

  8. What an adorable rabbit, and what a fantastic idea changing out the various little quilts. Great job Joan! I never heard of the White Rabbit thing either.

  9. What an adorable rabbit and thanks for the link with the info on the story! I love that you fact-checked Carol - you guys are a hoot!

  10. What a cutie that rabbit is and what neat monthly churn dash blocks for her to show off--great idea--thanks for sharing--you are a 'Hoot'--
    hugs, di

  11. Joan!! This quilt! Your post!! It is all so great I don't know where to start! I love your post, it made me laugh out loud. Quirky is the best word! And that Wilson quilt - oh, I wish I had a brain like yours and talent like yours! That is amazing, and I love the churn dash blocks that can be changed out every month. What a great job!! If I was a singer, I'd dedicate my next song to you. :)

  12. This is a darling idea, Joan. (I loved Wilson too.) those interchangeable blocks are each so cute. It will be such a fun change each month, while saying White Rabbit.

  13. Your Wilson wall hanging is so darn cute!!! How fun to change it every month!!! What a great reminder. (Honest me: I'd probably forget to change it until 3 months had gone by!!)

  14. Like you, I had never heard of saying "White Rabbit" or rabbit rabbit on the first of the month for good luck! Thanks for the almanac link. My Granny lived and planted by that almanac! LOL I did have a rabbit's foot on my keychain when I got my car! Your peeping rabbit is just adorable! I love the idea of changing out the blocks each month!

  15. Great idea for a change every month. Thanks for sharing your rabbit!

  16. Wonderful post! I love Wilson!!

  17. He is so cute with his hanging churn dashes!

  18. Your White Rabbit hanging is so cool - what a fun idea!

  19. I love your wall hanging. Any decoration that can easily be switched out is the best!

  20. Oh my goodness, that is sooo cute and cool!!! Love that you have added the little blocks to swap out each month! xx

  21. Your White Rabbit is gorgeous - what a great idea! What a fantastic idea, and so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing. Patti Ludwiczak

  22. That is such a fun idea for your quilt. I love the idea of changing out that small block each month.
    I had no idea where the white rabbit saying came from. Thanks for the info. ( Karen, Sunburnt Quilts.)

  23. A really cute rabbit and such a fun project. The small churn dash quilts are inspired

  24. Oh my, that is so cute. I love the monthly blocks to hang on the string.

  25. Sorry to be late to the party but late is better than never, right?
    I love your version on Wilson and what a great idea using it as a revolving display. Very cute blocks so far but knowing you, you can't stop there, no chance. Ha, ha


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