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Sunday, February 18, 2024

It Moose Be Love Blog Hop


February is the month of love, and I have fallen in love with card making using my embroidery machine. Being a quilter at heart, I prefer to stitch the cards to a little quilt sandwich instead of paper, though.
This is from "Designs by JuJu" and they stitch up in 15-20 minutes on cardstock paper.

I am still on my mission to stash and pattern bust, so this month, my project was a new table runner for Valentines day. This pattern has been in my to do pile since 2014. A decade! Holy cow, now I'm afraid to dig deeper in that pile.

This is "Topsy Turvy Moose" who was supposed to be Northwoods colors. 
It took a little imagination, but I managed to put a little Valentines spin on it. 
But now that I think about it, I've seen plenty of pink and green Christmas things as well.
Maybe I have a new multi-seasonal runner.

 I was still not done with the "Love" theme projects this month.

I fell in love with the clipart I found for the blog button...and had to turn it into a wall quilt.
It's 32" square, so there was lots of little piecing going on for the blocks around it. I love chain piecing, until of course that blasted bobbin thread runs out. ARRRRGH! 
Tee hee hee

It makes me smile every time I go into my sewing room.

There are lots more things to make us smile this week...
Check out these bloggers today and leave them a sweet comment. After all, it is the month of LOVE!

Monday February 19

You can find the complete schedule HERE

All projects will be added daily to our Pinterest page HERE

A big thanks to all my fellow bloggers for supporting our passions and playing along with us every month. I hope you feel the LOVE, because you are the best!

 til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. Sweet projects! Your card is awesome, and I love the moose projects! (You won't find any moose in my projects, though...) Thanks for hosting and sharing!

  2. Your projects are all amazing! I really love the stitched card and the Topsy Turvy runner.

  3. I love the idea of a multi seasonal table runner especially one that gives off so much Moose Love. I love Pink and Green. Your It Moose Be Love wall hanging is such a great way to start your day. Most definitely a smile maker.

  4. Designs by JuJu has fabulous embroidery things....I have a bunch to do but it is my main sewing machine, so I have to stop other projects. I like that you do it on a quilt sandwich rather than card stock, which I haven't tried. I love your moose quilt - a fabulous choice for your It Moose Be Love Hop.

    1. And I somehow skipped over the adorable runner...perfect as it is a moose and moose and valentines go together in this hop no matter what!

  5. Love. love, love all of your projects! It Moose Be Love quilt is adorable! Thanks again for a great challenge!

  6. So many It Moose Be Love projects!! Awesome!! I really like the card and the quilt ... and the table runner ... and ... all fantastic!

  7. The sewn card is pretty cool. As well as your moose! Great projects!

  8. I've never sewn a card, but as always, you've inspired me to try something new. So fun! Your moose wall hanging is just the best and so YOU...love it! Thanks for hosting this moosey blog hop. xo

  9. Oh Gosh, the Moose creations you have are always just the best. What a way to brand yourself! I love it!

  10. I love all your projects, Joan! The "button" quilt is fantabulous!! Your card is really awesome too. I like that you've sewn it onto a little quilt sandwich! Fun, fun, fun!!

  11. LJ here. Your wall-hanging is great. What a wonderful quilt to have in your studio every day; I love it. Ju-Ju designs are wonderful though my embroidery machine doesn't work too well anymore - old like me, I think.

  12. I think you got it right with the table runner, it is one of those things you can enjoy all year. And I love your wall hanging. Thank you for hosting the hop!

  13. That card would be such a thrill to receive. Love all your moose-y projects.

  14. Cute projects! That moose is sew much fun. 😀

  15. Such a moosey love bunch of projects. Thank you for hosting - this has been fun!

  16. Pretty runner and quilt. I also love your moose clip art for the button.

  17. Lovely work on all your projects and perfect for the theme this month.
    The card is really interesting and I love how it turned out.
    Your table runner is delightful with all those handsome moose in a row.
    And I love seeing your moose quilt on the sewing room wall. Stunning!!!

  18. Awwwww! These are all SO cute, I was close to emailing you and asking for the clipart too for this hop, but changed my mind, yours is adorable, and the table runner AND the card!! ME is fun!!

  19. Love the clipart projects! Gotta keep that in mind when I make the next project for my niece

  20. Love all your Moose projects, Joan. Chocolate goes with everything.

  21. I'd love to do some of those cards with my embroidery machine... one day! Love your moose projects!! Thanks so much for hosting this hop for us! xx


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