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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Wishing You a Happy Easter

With Easter rapidly approaching, I put together this sweet little
 36"x39" quiltie, last week.

This is "Easter Delivery" by Angie Padilla.
The top left block will be me after eating all the chocolate bunnies I can get my hands on tomorrow.

I am still having a love affair with my embroidery machine and found the cutest designs at

If you are a machine embroiderer, you better shake your bunny tail and hop on over to her website and take advantage of her anniversary sale. There are only a few days left.

Everything but her "in the hoop" and  "edge to edge" designs are included.
Yesssss... I may have shopped more than once and found way more than 12 things I just had to have.

This little guy is one of her, not on sale "in the hoop" designs.
Is he just the cutest? He even comes with 3 options of things he can hold.

Greeting cards are my jam...and I love hers, that are stitched on cardstock. 
I like to applique them on a fabric mini quilt.

Wishing you all, a very blessed Easter!

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. You have gone all out for Easter. That is a gorgeous little quilt. So sweet.
    And the embroideries are adorable. That bunny is full of fun.
    I find it fascinating that the greeting card is stitched on cardstock. I wasn't expecting that to work so well.
    I hope Easter Bunny gives you loads of chocolate. Yum!!!

  2. Oh my gosh…so much bunny love! They are all adorable and would make sweet gifts. Have a Happy Easter! XO

  3. I am not anonymous. I am your wicked friend that apparently didn’t sign in the right way.

  4. Love that you are having soooo much fun with your embroidery machine. They are so amazing to play with. Happy Easter

  5. Love it all, Joan! I'm so happy you are enjoying your embroidery machine!


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