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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

It's My Day...Give it a Whirl Blog Hop

The winds of March have blown in and we are spinning here. In fact a storm blew through last week that dumped over 2 feet of snow in some parts of the city. Thankfully were I live, we only saw about a foot and that melted almost as fast as it come down.

My twirly-whirly project was finished, but getting a decent pictures was a challenge.

You can see our "stick to the ground", snow total after 2 days. LOL!!
I am definitely not complaining, although I am one of those crazy people who actually love to shovel snow.

This picture was taken the day after the big storm
The winds were a blowing...but I  managed to a decent shot, thanks to my quilt holder and his wife, taking a moment from a 40th birthday party and a nice sunny day.
Egads...my baby is 40??? That makes me ancient. Maybe them asking me all the time, if I was the one who invented the wheel isn't so far off track!

This project was inspired by something I saw online and was a great place to use my hand dye fabrics, that I have hoarded for years.
Eye roll here!

 The pinwheels on the border, are from clipart that I enlarged.

Lastly, this little "whirlwind" loves getting into my fabric. We take turns making quilts on each other.
You gotta get em hooked when they are young. 

So there you have what was whirling in my head this month.
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  1. Your quilt is amazing! I really love it. That photograph in the snow is beautiful.

  2. I love this quilt! The pinwheels around the border are amazing and a wonderful addition to the main part! Especially sweet is your "quilted" granddaughter--how fun!

  3. Your quilt is so pretty and a good size, too. The picture of your grand covered in fabrics is adorable.

  4. Love your quilt. Is there a pattern for this?

  5. Such a happy quilt - and I love the appliqued pinwheels too. Your darling granddaughter is adorable - a patchwork sweetheart.

  6. You went wildly whirly on this one...love it! Everything about it is gorgeous and makes me want to make one. Those pinwheels in the border are the cutest as is your little quilt maker! Thank you for sharing this pretty whirly quilt!

  7. Gorgeous quilt and love your little quilt maker, she is adorable!

  8. Love your quilt! Our oldest turned 40 this year too!

  9. Love your quilt!!! It's beautiful!!! How nice to have a little future quilter in the family! :-)

  10. Oh Joan your quilt is just stunning!!! I love the applique pinwheels on the borders, so pretty! Your little "whirlwind" is gorgeous too! xx

  11. The quilt is beautiful and really stands out against the snow. Perfect back drop. The pinwheel border was also a nice touch. Thanks for sharing a pic of fun with your little one. That is so precious. I'm glad you caught it on camera.

  12. Your quilt is fabulous! I like the way you've stacked those pinwheels. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love quilts in the snow! Your quilt is awesome and what a clever way to finish the borders. Wish I had time to join the April hop, but I have a full 2nd quarter, too full.

  14. It's always fun to have someone to share your passions with, how fun. Smart way to finish the border with enlarging clip art! Love the quilts in the snow.

  15. I love your quilt - perfect for the theme. You're invented of the wheel?...I was born before dirt (as my kids are fond of reminding me )

  16. Lovely quilt! I love snow also! Not shoveling, just to look at!

  17. Beautiful Quilt! Love the pinwheel appliques on the border! Such a fun touch!

  18. Oh, I love this pattern and the addition of the pinwheels in the border treatment - OMG!! My baby is 41, so we both ran with the dinos (my grandies so claim).

  19. Love your quilt and I also love the addition of the pinwheels on a stick, lol. Your photos are beautiful, more than decent.

  20. Great quilt AND photos, Joan!! I love the photo in the snow! I really like your pinwheel border! And of course, it's always great to see Little Bit having fun with fabric! Such a cutie pie!

  21. I do love that quilt. The colours against the white are vibrant, so the snow background looks perfect.
    I especially like what you did with the borders.
    Yes, thank you to the quilt holders.
    How do our kids get to the age that I remember being only a few years ago?
    Your grandie girl is having so much fun. She is bound to be a quilter with your influence every day!

  22. Shoveling snow is what I missed most moving to FL from NJ. Love your version of whirls but not as much as I love your whirly girl in her current quilt.


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