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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

It's My Day...On the Road Again Blog Hop

Well we sure have seen some fun road trippin' projects this week haven't we?

My project this month is all about little monsters and we all know that children can turn into them on long road trips, at the flip of a switch!
Not that I was ever one of those children!
Cough Cough, fingers might be crossed behind my back.

This is my version of the "Monster Truckers" quilt pattern by Whistlepig Creek.

I changed the layout, enlarged a monster and added the logo at the top. Then added a road around it, just for little man, here!

The little monsters driving these big rigs, just crack me up!

This one might be me!

I recognize that glazed over stare!

A big shout out to our truck drivers. We depend on you, to get our goods to us.
You know the important things like fabric and thread! Not to mention chocolate, so we can concentrate on our stitching.
Thank you, thank you...from the bottom on my heart.

Now cruise on over and visit my fellow bloggers today! Leave them a sweet comment. Tell em I sent ya!

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July, Carol is hosting...
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Email her if you want to play along!

From this little monster to you
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. Your trucking monsters are so darn cute! And it looks like the quilt will be loved!

  2. I love the trucks and monsters--sew cute! Jace must love this quilt!

  3. Sew very cute! And just look at all that applique, wowzers!

  4. You are such an applique queen (again) with all the pieces in this quilt. It is amazing and just the cutest! Those monsters are totally rocking their "on the road" experience. There's so much to see in the quilt and I'm sure Jace is loving it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just imagine the fun Jace will have with his monster truck quilt! I'll bet you were smiling with every stitch, Joan! What a fun detail to add a 2 lane road around the edge as a border....we must make way for those monster trucks!

  6. Adorable quilt, and grandson! Love those little monsters! Great work!

  7. What an amazing quilt, Joan! It looks like just the ticket for Jace

  8. That is an awesome pattern! A lot of stitching there, but stitches of love for a little monster.

  9. Oh my - that is so stinkin' cute! Bet that little guy is thrilled with it.

  10. You've done a wonderful job, as always, and the quilt pattern is brilliant - thanks for sharing.

  11. I love it! I suspect I have three little grandsons that would be in love with it too.

  12. That is so cute and I am sure, thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones. Beautiful work, Joan.

  13. Always a fun quilt from you for these hops! Love the applique and the young one exploring your newest creation. You capture different personalities so well...great job!

  14. LJ here. What an adorable quilt. I'm so glad that I know where to find the monsters!! You find the cutest patterns - perfect.

  15. I like your trucks but I'm madly in love with your drivers. You are right, they are the best. Also taken with your self portrait. Love it all.

  16. I can't believe how quickly your little man has grown! Wow!
    Great quilt. I can see him having fun with that one. The monsters driving the trucks are great fun.


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