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Monday, April 6, 2009

One more week and we can start hunting Easter Eggs! My hunt was this past weekend though. I am just back from a trip down to Pueblo, to a Quilt show. We hunted up some wonderful new ideas and saw some dynamite things. Wow, do those gals in the guilds in Southern Colorado do some great work. The quilting and designs we saw were beautiful. We turned the little trip into a great weekend get away. Rented a suite in a hotel and took our sewing machines along with us. I managed to finish piecing a quilt top from a class I took a month ago, and my friend got her blocks for a stack and whack done. Nothing better than a box of wine, a sewing machine, and friends to pass the time of day. No phone calls or distractions, it was a very productive and fun weekend. I highly recommend it for everyone to try! I promise to share some of the wonderful finds I made in later posts! Just want to keep you in a little suspense ya know!!!

The table runner posted today, is the one I sent off to my Quilted Table swap partner who lives in Australia. It is also from the pattern that the Valentines day wall hanging was from. I just changed up the colors a bit. The bunny is from one of my favorite baby quilt patterns Bees, Bunnies and Bears by Desiree's Designs. It just seemed to fit so well into this runner, that it has got my head thinking about parts of other patterns. If I took this piece of that pattern and that piece of another. Oh wow! I just might be on to yet something else that will make me loose some sleep. My mind seems to like to work best when my body wants to rest! Go figure. LOL!!

Today I am taking a class for the French Braid quilt. It is one of those books that I had to buy years ago, and have done nothing with. I am anxious to see this project by days end.

May your week be filled with good food, great quilting adventures and wonderful friends. Nothing beats it!


  1. Love the table runners, Joan! You are very busy girl! lol Glad to know that you had a good trip to Alaska (even if you didn't get stranded there). We will have to make plans to get together again soon- first I have to get my garden in order... that is if the snow ever goes away... Colorado has the craziest weather! lol Talk to you soon!

  2. You runner is lovely, Joan. Now I wish you'd had my name--although I received a beautiful runner from Viki. I guess I'm just greedy and want them all! LOL I can't wait to see what we all do in the Patriotic Swap getting started now. I hope we have as good a turnout as we did for this one.
    That bunny is just the cutest thing!

  3. Joan, I totally agree about the bunny fitting just right in the corner of the runner. It looks he's just hopping from around the corner like a bunny would do.Thanks for mentioning where you found the bunny pattern!
    For me, it makes quilting(not that I've been doing it that long!!!) more interesting when you use bits and pieces from other patterns. I found when I was making dresses for my granddaughters, I would use a sleeve or collar from another pattern; I found that armhole and necklines are mostly a universal size so they could be interchanged. So long as didn't change the drape of the fabric, sometimes I came up with the cutest things.
    Hope you had a great Easter and the French Braid class went well. Share some pictures when you can. Chris


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