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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Table Runner Swap

Yippee! My first table runner, with the Yahoo Quilted Table swap arrived while I was gone. What a beauty it is. A big thanks to Chris from Alabama, my swap partner. The colors are perfect. My absolute favorites. Chris told me she is new to quilting and is teaching herself. All I can say is, if this is one of her first projects, she has a great start on this "quilting road" we love to travel. Her work is beautiful! Along with the wonderful table runner she sent along the cutest flour sack towel with an adorable little Easter Bunny on it. No one in this house better use this towel, it's just to special. It's one of those "for show" only treasures, way to cute to mess up on dishes!!! :-) Chris, I can't thank you enough, this is a first experience for me, and you made it so special. Your the best. Your wonderful runner will make my Easter table very special this year!

What a great way to meet friends, with "like" interests, across the world (yes we did have some from other countries). The one I sent out was to a gal in Australia. It brings the miles so much closer for us all. You don't need faces to know when you have a wonderful new friend and buddy in the quilting world to learn from. I look forward to meeting and sharing with many other's in the years to come. Bless the internet, it can bridge gaps and fill voids if you just do a "SEARCH" for something you love.

Hope this week brings you many new and wonderful finds!


  1. Hi!Joan, thank you! It was real pleasure and a challenge at the same time, to work on this runner. There are few techniques I still have problems with, and the hardest one for me is learning how to keep the points of the seams out of the seam line. Some were okay but they seem to happen just by accident and not what I was doing right.
    I don't know when the next swap will start but I will sign up as soon as the list comes out. I'm hoping there is July 4 swap, have a pattern and some fabric already to use.
    I'm signing up to be one of your followers! Take care, Chris

  2. The table runner is beautiful. I like the color combination. I'll have to let my daughter see this one when she gets home. She loves most shades of purple/lavender.
    If it was me I would be keeping the hand towel for special occasions as well :)


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