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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Great Swap

I was so delighted this week to find this incredible table runner in my mail box. The Quilted Table Yahoo group again swapped table runners and I am the very proud recipient of this wonderful runner. Little did my swap partner Kim know that in my past life I was a crafter with a company named Calico Bunny Patch. Or did she know how much I love lime green and bunny rabbits. It was like she knew me all along. If it couldn't get any better, then she sent along a wonderful quilted string wallet, a Mary Englebreit journal and the Candy Cane Lane quilt book which I have been eyeing at the store lately. Why was it that I didn't by it when I saw, it but kept looking it over every time I came across it???? This all seems so strange to me. I guess life does work in mysterious ways. I've heard that if you sit and listen you will be lead down the right path. Hummm there must be something to that...  Kim your a doll and I will cherish my wonderful treasures for years to come. Thank you doesn't even begin to be enough to say! The Quilted Table group has been one of my best internet finds. From the moderator Sharon to everyone who I have swapped with in the past couple of years, your all the best of the best!
Okay so much for the sappy stuff. I do have a little story to share with you this week. I never talk about it, but my "job" (that allows me to support my quilting habit) is a customer serviced agent for an airline in Denver. I work at the ticket counter. It's a pretty stressful job and we do tend to take the brunt of every ones tempers over many things that are truly out of our control. Yesterday I was checking in a gal who had a bag that was over weight. The additional fees are very costly, so she started taking things out of her bag. She pulled out a big notebook of her teaching information to carry on with her, but it wasn't enough to get the bag under 50 pounds. She then looks at me and tells me, well that does it, I am going to have to take my "ANUS" out of my bag. I was shocked to say the least as she pulls this big plastic teaching aid out of her bag. We both started laughing so hard, the tears flowing. It was truly the funniest thing I had ever seen. She tucked it in her carry on bag, and said I am going to have some fun with the security screeners now and happily trotted off towards the security lines laughing like no other! It was the bright spot of my week needless to say and possibly the best I have come across in the 15 years I have been doing this. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade. I know she didn't want to carry on all that extra weight, but she sure was going to do it with style and humor. I sure do wish I could have followed her to see how security reacted! 
 Hope you have a surprisingly happy week!

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