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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ALQS 4 Swap

My swap quilt arrived the other day, all the way from Norway. I am so thrilled with this little beauty. Kjersti did such a wonderful job on this. The little squares are all removable and each one has been stitched out with different fibers and trims then hand beaded. What a wonderful idea. Thanks so much Kjersti, I promise to take good care of this special little quilt!

Now my mind is racing. The different things I can do with my favorite Alaska theme. I am thinking unchangeable blocks with photos!  ummmm :-) If time allows I might be able to even accomplish this in the near future.

Again thanks so much Kjersti. I love my new little treasure!

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  1. What gorgeous work! You're certain to treasure this exquisite piece.



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