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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Bloom Halloween Style

Now that my work schedule allows, I can go to Monday classes at my favorite LQS, with all my quilting buddies.  Yeah!!!  This month we did this Timeless Treasures "In Bloom" quilt.

The actual quilt as designed looks like this. It's a beautiful floral, but not really my style, and with a stash the size of mine, I decided that I was going to shop my stash for this quilt. I had a fun Halloween border print that was going to work just right for it. That being said, it "was" a good plan, but once I started pulling out fabrics to go with it, I just didn't have what I really thought I needed, so off to the quilt shop I go. Even the best laid plans at times, seem to fail us. I had an idea that I would applique a design of some kind, in the center.

 Low and behold while I was waiting for my fabrics to be cut, I spy this wonderful book from Brandywine Design. I love all the adorable little critters and it's perfect for my quilt.  I have done baby quilts with their Dancin in the Moonlight book. That, and the children's book Goodnight Moon, is one of my favorite baby gifts to give.

Check out their books. They have the cutest little animals, I have ever seen!

It took only a few adjustments to make it fit the
format of my quilt center, and I am love the end results.

It always amazes me, how different fabrics can completely change a quilt.  If you can keep an open mind when looking thru the free patterns online, you might just find that perfect pattern for your stash, or at least part of it!  :-)

Next month, I am doing it again with another online pattern. It calls for a toile background, but I am using a black and white polk-a-dot. Maybe some really bright colors to go with it. We will see..

                                I believe the saying "rehash your stash" fits nicely for these projects! 
                                                            :-)  What do you think?


  1. your halloween quilt is just great! i enjoy browsing the patterns for parts and pieces to put togetjer ... you can always find good stuff!

  2. I love it!! I have her book too and have made some baby quilts from it. I love her little animals. I am always using lots of patterns and ideas to make one quilt too.

  3. Why is it that we can have hundreds of yards/metres of fabric in our stash but we can't find exactly what we want? I'm sure there is a conspiracy theory in there somewhere!
    I agree with looking at things differently. When I first started going to classes I thought you were expected to copy the pattern as it was.
    I am so pleased I got that idea out of my head very quickly.
    Mind you, it is sometimes hard to look at a design and see it differently, and even more so if it is in fabric you love!
    Love your quilt. Great way to change it around to suit your needs. Great use of the new book, too.
    It's good to hear that you can now attend on a regular basis with your quilt group. Enjoy!


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