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Friday, April 20, 2012

Table Toppers

Madame Samm is having a table topper blog hop, and I had hoped to be able to play, but "time" just wasn't there for me this go round. I decided not to participate, but I do have a couple to share with you.

What would Easter be without those wonderful peeps!

This one speaks to my soul! 
Kind of explains a lot doesn't it?

I, for one have enjoyed seeing what everyone else has done, and I am so inspired!
        With retirement is just a couple of weeks away.
        I see some quality quilting time in my very near future!!
                    Now I have loads of inspiration!
So if you haven't already seen the goings on, be sure to check out the Table Topper blog hop, click HERE for the schedule. Be sure to tell Madame Samm hello for me!  :-)


  1. Adorable table toppers (especially love the second one!!!) TFS

  2. Really cute minis for your table topper!

  3. Lovely minis! Congrats on your upcoming retirement...I joined the retirement club last month and can't wipe the smile off my face! Enjoy!

  4. enjoy your retirement.xx

  5. I am starting to take a shine to these little table toppers. I think I will have to look out for a suitable frame.
    I love both of yours and the saying is just perfect!
    It is so exciting to see your retirement creeping closer and closer. You'll be down to days soon !! Yay!

  6. Sweet! I love your table toppers! Congratulations on retirement, too!


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