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Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh ratz a fratz

Do you Pinterest? I love Pinterest. This little guy I found while surfing,  this weekend is a great reason why. He is a free pattern from...


I was in the mood for a quick and easy little paper piecing project. So I printed it out and started to work. There were a lot of little pieces in this project. Much more involved than I am used to, but not difficult by any means.  I was so delighted to find that each section went together like clockwork. I'm feeling like I am on top of the paper piecing world!  :-)

Here is my little guy!
It was one of those ratz a fratz moments.  Does he look a little strange to you? 
I guess that's what happens when you print out something, while your printer is running dangerously low on ink.
I see his paw is in tree branch fabric and the branch... well that's wrong too.
and I was so excited about my progress too
Now, I know a real quilter would take it all apart to fix it.
Some might even throw it in a corner and forget it.
Trust me I considered those options. LOL!!
But for me, the queen of fusible applique. I cheated instead.
Who says you can't fix anything with fusible and some clear thread!
The little guy is all better now, but it's a good lesson on using proper tools.
Either have a photo of what your working on, or have ink in your printer so you can tell what your supposed to be doing!
I know someone out there is saying...
I told you so!
Ok, I understand now!
Grab this adorable free pattern and make one up for yourself.
And you can always follow me on Pinterest.


  1. LOL - very cute! I wouldn't have taken him apart either. Thanks for the link.

  2. Great patch job, who'da guessed, not me. Like you I would not have ripped, my solution would have been trying to do it with a Pigma pen. Have a great day.

  3. Hi!!! I love him!!! Too adorable!!!! Love the way you fixed him right up!!!

  4. Now aren't you the smart cookie! He is gorgeous and you did an awesome job!

  5. I have not ventured into the paper piecing world yet. You did a great job on this one and I LOVE the save!

  6. Very sweet and I love the idea of a 'band aid'. :-)

  7. Yippee for fusible applique fudging! Good for you! Your cub is just delightful. Thanks for the link to the bear pattern!

  8. Very cute bear and a great solution to fix the mistake . I love pinterest , I spend way too much time there ;-)

  9. You are funny. I spent enough quality time with my seam ripper this weekend on my City Sampler QAL blocks. Those dang 1" rectangles.

  10. That would have been my solution too:) He's adorable and nobody but you will ever notice.

  11. He is so cute. I'm glad you could fix him up.

  12. Great end result. I agree with your wonderful solution. Much better than throwing it out. And he sure does look adorable.
    Has the snow gone away yet??

  13. He's SO CUTE!!! And "Go, Applique!" Use its power freely. ;D perfect save

  14. That is so cute. I love your solution to the wrong fabrics!


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