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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My evil quiltin sista has been at it again...
She decided to take yet another opportunity to torment me.

This time for my birthday.  Yes it was a big one for me...but really now the crappy comment about my needing to wear housecoats with really big buttons on it and SAS shoes, at our local quilt shop,  was uncalled for today!    LOL!

No one really knows what she puts me thru, so I thought I would share...

Here's my card this year!

To be topped of with these fabrics

                                         Are these a riot or what?
              Only Ruth could come  up with this little birthday surprise!  
                 Looks like "get even" time is coming around the corner!
                       I need your help, with ideas to do just that!
       I'm counting on you to come up with something really outrageous!
        Her birthday is Dec 24th, so we have time to make it really good!



  1. I laughed hysterically - too funny and yes, deserving a comeback!

  2. I like the way she thinks! :) That just the way I'd like my man to dress, too.

  3. oh my this is funny!!!! And where did she find those fabrics!!! Ihave seen some of them before but the hearts and underwear was priceless!! Now, make her some Birthday - Christmas jammies out of them and then put them in that housecoat she mentioned!! ;)

  4. Muahahahaha. I'm dying. Sooo funny. I don't know if I could even buy the guy in blue on the valentine fabric with a straight face. Hahahaha.

  5. Your sister sure has a sense of humor. I have a big birthday coming up and I hope no one surprises me with something oddball.

  6. Priceless! i am laughing out loud! Yes, you need a great comeback. ~Jeanne

  7. Happy Birthday! Are these fabrics sold in a brown paper bag?? Too funny!


  8. Happy Birthday,
    Thanks for the laughs, I know I have some fabric like these I think mine are fishermen.

  9. Happy Birthday to you!!! I have not seen a funnier fabric related birthday ever. Well done. No help from me though on your return gift. Happy Birthday and celebrate all year long until your next one is here.

  10. These are great fun!! I am sure the two of you will have fun!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  11. What a great birthday surprise! I'm sure you will come up with something totally appropriate when hers comes around.

  12. I snickered so hard I almost spit coffee on my keyboard!! I'm with the girl who commented jammies or how about a bag/purse of some sort. hilarious!! applique little santa hats on either their heads OR cover up those undies...

  13. I can't believe I've missed so many fun things on your blog! Must have been too busy Ho Ho Ho'ing. Anyway, happy belated birthday (what a great friend to leave these notes), love the toilet roll, cute ornaments, love the towel with the ruffle, whew! I really missed out, but I'm back to checking out my favorite blogs. :O)


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