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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can't we just be nice???

Recently I was at Costco, and saw a customer screaming at an employee, because he had "hidden" something he wanted to purchase, the day before, in the TV aisle and it was not there anymore...  Really??? He  was just irate. She was telling him that they are required to clean up their departments and put things back where they belong, and that it likely was put away within 30 minutes of when it was left there. 

All I could think was, this is Costco folks, there are probably 100 more just like it back where you found it to begin with. Can't you just walk back and pick up another one????

When did it become acceptable to scream at someone due to stupidity or because you don't want to "follow the rules" or even take responsibility for you own actions? Something we sadly see every day, anymore!

It reminded me of something that happened a couple of years back. One of the wheel chair attendants at the airport came back with this little card a passenger had given her. It said something on the lines of... You have made my day, I can't thank you enough. It was a sweet little hand made business card, that said so much.   If only I had one of those with me at Costco.

I was fortunate enough to get in the line with the employee who had just been put thru the proverbial ringer! We shared stories of abuse from customers we have encountered and had a good laugh. A quick hug between us and I was on my way, with this warm and wonderful feeling.  I just may have made someones day.

                 Today, I ran across this blog post at Pink Flamingo.

I love these little Russian Dolls and would they make adorable gift cards?
These would be perfect for those moments when someone makes your day.
You certainly would not have to make them so elaborate,
after all it's the thought that counts.
But I love these!
I am putting the call out.
Make up a few cards, and pass them along to the people who might just need a pick me up. There are plenty of free business card designs online, that would be easy enough to print off.  Put a little message on appreciation on the back, and pass them out!
To who, you ask???
Top of my list would be someone in a customer service..
They take a lot of "abuse" from many, with a smile on their face!
Who would be on your list?
I challenge you, to start the trend, to bring a smile to someone who has truly made your day.
One card at a time!



  1. A little kindness goes a long way. I retired from a company that frequently had people in restaurants servicing or merchandising product. If I come across those folks, I offer to buy them lunch. They work harder for their money than I did (honestly!) working for the same company. It's a small thing that means a lot to some folks.

  2. A lovely idea from a lovely lady ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  3. Don't forget teachers. After 35 years in education I have seen parents go from thanking teachers to blaming them for their children's failings. Give a couple a cards to a child to share. It could make a teacher's day and build a child's character as well. I love your idea!

  4. I LOVE your idea! I try to compliment workers all the time on their work, especially if I have just seen them taking abuse from a customer. I'm going to see what I can do with your card idea. Thanks!

  5. Very well said. I adore your idea of paying it forward with a nicety! Off to see the tags. Thank you very much for sharing this. It truly does take so little effort to JUST BE NICE!!!

  6. I recently phoned a large company to let them know how much I appreciated one of their workers. A little over a week later I had to go into to see this person again and she thanked me for taking the time. Apparently her boss and the big boss had both called her to thank her for her service. This call took me less than 10 minutes but she was still feeling the effects over a week later. The thing that stuck with me was that she said - "most people phone to complain, we rarely get a thank you or people taking the time to let us know we have done a good job"
    Thank you for reminding us that everyone we encounter is a person first and to say thank you costs nothing, requires very little of your time but might make all the difference for the person you say it to.
    I will definitely be making up some little cards. I think this is a lovely idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. A lovely idea. Encouragement is priceless.

  8. A wonderful idea of encouragement. It is always needed and we need to pass love along.

  9. It is so true that negativity breeds more negativity. One positive comment can mean so much; and melt all other JUNK away. I like your card idea! We can certainly share positive words, kindness and good manners where ever we go. Please, thank-you and excuse me are often unsaid. A smile and a kind word go miles and miles.

  10. It really amazes me when I see people act out like that. I am so glad you were able to make the day better for somebody.

    Love the cute little cards.

  11. Cute cards, sometime they could make a lot of difference....
    Glad you was able to "make the day" for the unlucky employee at the store. :-)
    A smile costs nothing.
    Have a happy week, and hope the water are disappearing.

  12. Some pople are just in too big of a rush theses days and think they can do whatever they want, say whatever they want anytime and place they want. Hello what happend to people being nice and following the rules. The sad thing is it is not just young folks doing it...My huband and I have been haveing really rude expereiences lately with elderly people. I am not as fast as I was and He has to help me a lot more since my mastectomy and going through the cancer and stuff. And they just don't want to wait on you. Its like they are in the biggest rush ever. My husband trying to help me in the car and them amost knocking in to us because they can't wait just 5 minutes. Now I am pretty sure these people are retired. And probably have a lot more time on their hands then we do. With my husband working two jobs day job and night job and me takeing care of a 13 year old and 20 year old special needs child. And then their are the young ones that are allways in a rush and want things instantaneoulsy also...What is this world comeing tooo. Everyone needs to slow down take some deep breaths and pray and be thankful for the things they have and be appreciative for the things others do. And have a little patience people. Cause I promise you if you go around being and treating everyone nasty and ugly it will eventually come back to you.

  13. Thank you for sharing my Russian Dolls! What a lovely way to use them too, their little smiling faces cheer up lots of people!
    Pink Flamingo Handcrafting

  14. As a retail worker for over 25 years, I can tell you, that we see the best of people, and the worst of people. Stories you would not believe. Behavior that would make you cringe. I make a point of thanking other retail workers when I am out. Their smiles are priceless. On the brighter side, last week I had an older customer who looked ill, she was in pain from a recent knee replacement. The next customer in line offered to, and drove her to the local hospital. ( we live in a small town) It was a relief to see her this week, and know that all was well again.

  15. What a great idea...and thanks for the reminder to be a little kinder while 'out there'!!

  16. This is definitely a wonderful idea. Yes, sadly too many now think they have many rights but share none of the responsibilities. They just can't seem to admit that they were wrong - or just plain dumb!
    Thank you for thinking of others!

  17. I worked retail for YEARS and this is SO true! Ad a manager I ALWAYS heard the complaints but compliments were few and far between! I do try to give attaboys when I can!


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