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Friday, September 13, 2013

It'a raining...it's pouring

It's the epic 100 year flood!
Those, in Colorado are in the throws of Mother Nature's rath.

The irrigation ditch has overflowed and is running thru my yard. But I so consider myself lucky. Many many more, are way worse off than me.

Guess I won't need to water the yard for awhile now!   LOL!

Yes this is the mess I came home to yesterday after a fabulous quilt retreat in Redstone Colorado. It was beautiful up there!

This historic hotel was built in the early 1900's
It was a fabulous place to retreat in. The rooms were huge and perfect for setting up tables for quilting.

These things caught our attention on our drive in, so a walk up to see just what they were, was in order first!

There was a considerable amount of restoration that has been done. 

and they left some of them untouched

Seeing the insides of these old ovens gave a hint as to just how hot they burned... 
Can you imagine something so hot that brick starts to melt?
What an interesting piece of history!
A stroll thru town was just what we needed, before we settled in to stitch.
This birdhouse was at the church.
Pretty cool huh?

Ye ole General  Store, complete with the General on the front.
It was an antique candy store inside with an ice cream shop
Way cool!

The flower gardens were spectacular.
But signs of fall were starting to show.
Hard to believe it was so beautiful here, when just 3 hours from home it was flooding!
Our drive home was uneventful thank goodness.
Especially when I get home to see the pictures of other places so close by.
We are more than lucky!
The water started receding here about 6pm last night.
But it's raining again today!
 My plants are thrilled to see water, but there is a limit here folks!
Again, I can't stress how lucky I am. The little water in my basement is nothing to the people who are loosing everything just west of me.
Our road was closed on both sides of our place. The water from my yard was nothing compared to the raging river running thru the neighbors.
The road is likey to wash out down there. It was a pretty scary sight!
I'm going to stay inside and finish up my retreat project. 
Oh yes it's  a secret.
You'll see it at a blog hop real soon!
Sending best wishes the storm victims all over the state. Our prayers are with you!


  1. Oh my...so much rain! I'm glad you're okay, but it does look scary for so many around you. The place for your retreat looks gorgeous (a little jealous here!) Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. I have been watching the news on the area - glad to hear you are safe. What a beautiful place to retreat!

  3. Beautiful photos and great history. Glad you are safe.

  4. You are very lucky to have got off so lightly with the rain. I hope it stays that way. It is hard to believe your yard is under water like that! Stay safe!
    I love the photos of your retreat. It looks like a fascinating place with great history.

  5. Many years ago we lived in Carbondale and LOVED going to the Redstone Inn - what a neat place for a quilt retreat. Lucky You! Now we are vacationing in your wonderful state. We were in Estes Park until evacuating yesterday. The really weird part is that we were in the area in 1976 for the Big Thompson Flood ;( My heart cries for all of the victims and the rain keeps coming. I pray for you and all of the others. ~Jeanne


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