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Thursday, March 27, 2014

She Love You...yeah yeah yeah

Does that Beatles tune sound familiar?

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If you grew up in the era that I did, you know who the Beatles are for sure!


I stumbled on another kind of Beatle last weekend, at my LQS.
A Beatle Bag!
Ever seen this?

Let me tell you just how cool this bag is.
A tote for all your sewing must have's

 Along with 2 fabric pockets,  this bag has 8, heavy duty zipper bags to store all the stuff...That us quiltin girls just can't leave home without.

                                              It even has a detachable pin cushion.

            And it all rolls up, velcro's together in great style, and has a wonderful carrying handle.
It calls for a soft and stable foam stabilizer, to give it a really great padding. Nothing is going to poke a hole in this guy.  :-) For those who are budget stitchers like I am.  Foam headliner fabric, that JoAnn's fabrics carries works perfect. Paired up with one of their famous coupons, it's too good of a deal to pass up. Best yet, it stitches so nicely, that I am headed back for more. I have some other projects floating around in the back of my brain.  Heck this is great stuff, to line any purse or tote bag with. Who knew?

                  So in the words of 4 wonderful boys...
                    "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah"

                                 This "she" sure does love her Beatle Bag!!


  1. Sew Sweetness always talks about auto headliner fabric as an alternative to soft and stable. I wondered how well it worked. Now I know.

  2. with a BAG like that, you know it can't be bad......
    looks really nice, want to make me one?? huh??? I DO have fabrics and pattern for a different bag that's been on my shelf for SO long.... hmmmm. plus I had this one pattern for a cute small purse and made several versions, now I can't find the pattern

  3. Wow, that would be great, not only for quilting but for several others of my hobbies -- cute, too! :)

  4. Love the Beatles ! What a cute idea for a sewing bag , very organized too.

  5. That looks like a great bag!!! I loved the early Beatles.

  6. This is something I have not seen before. Great discovery and lovely work!!

  7. Wow, that is so cool! I always use headliner fabric for my bags too! Love it!

  8. Thanks for the tips about the great bag. That would be handy to keep supplies that each of us grabs to take to a class or retreat. Great organizational bag! I always value for input.

  9. What a cracking idea and see thru bags so you know whats where too!
    Young teen of the 60s <<<< so I loved the boys and have a wonderful black and white 4' x 18" head shots print of them on my wall even now lol

  10. Like so many others, I was a "Paul Girl" -- I couldn't get enough of the Beatles and their music. But my question is: Why is this called a Beatle Bag???


  11. A lady I know made one of these, they turn out just brilliant.

  12. Wow this almost looks like a bag that Nadine C showed me when she came out to visit, a couple of years ago. Only hers had a large zipper running all the way around it. I think it was a project that she made up as she went along. I love this.. did you get the pattern on line or at a shop in your city? I would love to have the pattern... to compare both bags and maybe incorporate the best of both worlds... in these sewing totes :O)


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