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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Blog Hop Winner!

 First off let me start with a big apology for not posting this
yesterday as promised.
My internet went down last Thursday, and I was promised
that a new router would be sent over-night to me.
Lets just say that it's Tuesday which was way past
the overnight arrival!
Uggggh, but its fixed now.

Without further ado...
Random.org has chosen #80 as the winner of these lovely
fat quarters from the London Fog collection at Island Batik.

Yes!  That is you Ms Wanda, and I have sent an email 
requesting your mailing info.

A big thanks to all who visited and left such sweet comments.
This hop has been "sew" much fun. 
My fellow ambassadors are just 
"sew" talented...what a pleasure to be a part of it all!

Hope you have been following the hop. 
There is lots more to see.
I'll be back on Friday with another post.

Til then 


  1. Congratulations Wanda. Glad you got your router Joan.

  2. What? No internet! Nooooooooooo!
    I am pleased it is all sorted out now.
    Congrats to your winner and well done for this blog hop.

  3. Internet issues are always frustrating! (We had to replace our router last month.) So glad yours is fixed! Congratulations to Wanda. What a lovely set of fabric.


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