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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Accepted the Challenge!

Remember these adorable little snow hearts that Bunny Hill Designs shared a few years back?
Well, a couple my Aussie friends challenged themselves 
to get those patterns off their computers and do something with them.
that got me to thinking.
I've been sitting on those patterns here, too.
So I joined in the fun and went to work
The blue one is January...I was a month behind now.
February is pink of course!
These Aussie girls really do fabulous embroidery.
I just don't have that knack.
So, I dug into my Island Batik scraps and went a bit of a different direction,
 with mine.
My hearts are felt, and batik.
The snowmen are made from batting scraps.
I really am not thrilled with the way my hand stitching looks on the edges, 
so that's coming out and going thru a re-do of some kind.

I'm so glad I took them apart and finished the edges differently.
This is much better.
Yep, we all have those days...
You just have to see what the other girls have done...

Karen from "Sunburnt Quilts"  
Shez from "I am"

Each so very different and fabulous!
Be sure to check out January's hearts, when you visit them.

How many of you have these patterns sitting in your computer too?
We are going to post our hearts the second Monday of each month.
That's Australia time,  here in the US, that would be on Sunday.
Anybody want to join in with us????
Now I'm off to fix my hearts!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'
(for some of us, that's re-stitchin')


  1. Yay!! These are wonderful. I love that you have gone in a totally different direction as well. Great idea using the batting scraps for the snowies. That works really well..And great fun with the button embellishments on both. They are both lovely.
    I am so pleased you joined in with us.

  2. Super cute Snowman Hearts. Thank you for also sharing the other links to view. Hearts are Timeless...<3

  3. Hi Joan i love your hearts and its so nice to have you stitching alkong with us ,i am just grabbing your link to add on my post for today xx

  4. All three of you are making adorable hearts! I have no clue why you think you need to re-stitch yours!!?? They look fab to me!!!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Yours look great! Hugs,

  6. Yes, I remember those hearts! My patterns are also tucked away in my "to make someday" bow of projects. Yours turned out lovely.

  7. Hi Joan your edges look fantastic I like your new way,well done my friend xx

  8. I have to agree with you. They do sit better like this. Smart move and great solution!!


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