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Saturday, September 29, 2018

October wild life

October is here, and so many have asked...
Will we ever see a moose on this BOM????
It's my month, "sew" let the da moose loose...
I "Moose" Go Camping
This big block finishes at 24" x 24"
Pattern $1.50 payable on link below
Remember it's free til the end of the month. 
After that, there will be a small charge for it.
Here's closeup of those sweet faces...
A big thanks to Lisa at "Primsy Doodle Designs" for so graciously, 
allowing me use her clip art for my block.
It was perfect to bring this forest block, to life.
No glamping here...it's bare bones tent camping for us!
(Well, them anyway, I'm more of a Camper, RV,  or Holiday Inn kinda girl anymore)
Regardless...this wild life is shaping up nicely.
If your like me, your itching to stitch a few of these blocks together now.
Here's "our" layout. If you go with this one, you can sew the left side together.
Probably best to wait though...
cause there is more "wild" fun to come.
winky winky
A big thank you to "Island Batik" for providing me
 with these gorgeous fabrics for this hop.
They are from their Basic and Blenders collections, and are available all the time!
Here's what we have so far.
February-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
Pattern can be found
March-"Creatin' in the Sticks"
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April-"Just Let Me Quilt"
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June-"Life in the Scrapatch"
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July-"Creatin' in the Sticks"
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August-"Sew Incredibly Crazy"
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September-"Just Let Me Quilt"
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Life in the Scrapatch

Just Let Me Quilt

Sew Incredibly Crazy

Thanks, to all of you, who inspire all of us designers every day!

Carol at "Just Let Me Quilt"

Make sure you post your finished block in our Facebook group for a chance to win
a wonderful prize from one of our sponsors!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Thank you Joan. This is a very cute block. All your quilt blocks look fantastic! All of my blocks are still sitting in the download section of my computer.LOL There's so much to do and so little time.

  2. So cute! I moose go camping too! It has been nearly 8 weeks and we are just itchin' to escape.

  3. I love this moose block...thank you!

  4. Thanks for another cute pattern. Now, for me to get sewing!

  5. So many cute critters and I think the moose is one of my favourites. This is great fun!!

  6. That moose is adorable, Joan! And, I'm like you - no more tents for me!

  7. What a cute block you've made. Da-moose is adorable but so is that frog/toad! No tent camping for me; I did that a few times as a younger person and hated it! Come to think of it...I hate camping...give me a motel room, a comfy bed, and a nice warm shower!! P.S. Glamping does not even appeal to me. :)

  8. The moose is loose and I'm in love!! I am no much of a camper anymore. Give me a resort on the beach. But, I do love the moose campsite! Thank you, Joan.

  9. This is so cute...I am a camper with AC or Hotel gal myself. But this whole quilt could make a camper out of anyone! Thanks so much.

  10. Lynnegodbout@gmail.comOctober 6, 2018 at 8:09 PM

    Omg I'm a moose fanatic and we fo camping but in a pop up lol so this is perfect. My aunt showed me all these and I cant wait to get them started . Hopefully soon. My booth name for craft fairs is " country moose quilting.

  11. Gorgeous block, Joan. Of course there had to be a moose in it and this one is perfect!

  12. any chance I can purchase all these blocks from you?

    1. Blocks are done by 4 different designers. We can only sell the blocks we have designed. You can reach out to each designer and purchase the blocks they have done from them.

  13. I am interested in purchasing all your previous years boms. anychance you have a bundle together I can purchase?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm sorry we do not bundle the BOM's as they have been designed by multiple designers


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