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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Playful Penguins visit the Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

We have made it to December in this crazy year.
I think that calls for a celebration for sure, and I can't think of a better way than making cookies...
Lots and lots of cookies. Calories be darned. We all deserve a break after all the drama, this year held.
I've got a recipe that will make many many cookies and all kinds too...but
before I share it with you, I want to show you my Christmas quilt for 2020.
Penguin Parade. 
These bright and cheery little guys are easy to do with the "Crafters Edge" Playful Penguin die, 
The face and tummy is one piece, but I wanted my penguins to celebrate the season with my holiday prints. So with a little magic, and creative cutting, we have Christmas penguins.
Simply layer a face and a tummy piece and run through your cutter.
The scarf hides it all. How fun is that!
Are you terrified of mitered corners? Well check out this Missouri Star tutorial
I promise, you will never be scared again.
This "waddle" of penguins even got out to play, in our 8" of snow.
Ahhhhh...penguin paradise!

Now for my cookies...

I love this "Can Do" recipe, because the basic dough, gives you 7 different cookies.
Peanut butter is my favorite, but hubby loves the cinnamon balls and pecan refrigerator cookies.

This is what all the different varieties look like. Yes, that's 4 batches of dough.
Let just say, my Christmas baking is done for this year!

You can choose to right click on each page and save, or download the recipe, 
minus the fancy holiday designs 
Choices choices
A big round of applause to our fearless cookie monster...Carol.
It just wouldn't be Christmas if she wasn't tempting us with those delightful cookies!
Thank you Miss Carol... from the bottom of my hips and thighs!
Make sure you visit my blogging buddies. They all have delicious morsels to share, as well.

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  til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love a recipe that gives you so many options. I will be making at least two of these this year! Oh that penguin quilt is adorable. I have never seen that die cut machine. I may have to get one.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful. Did you name them all. They look like they should have names they're so cute. The cookie recipe looks delicious and calorie free right?

  3. Love the penguin quilt! Thanks for the cookie recipe, one mess and lots of variety is always winner.

  4. Your penguins are soooooooo cute! What an adorable quilt and look at that snow!
    This cookie recipe is fantastic. I love it that you can make so many - brilliant!

  5. Oh Joan I am glad you were so creative and made happy Christmas penquins, so cute!!! Happy Holidays!

  6. Oh my goodness - another involuntary 'awwwww' from me when I saw those adorable penguins! Now I'm off to start visiting everyone - this is going to be such fun!

  7. Darling penquins! I like their Christmas fabric bellies. Sew Fun! Your cookies look yummy and I like that you can make so many from one dough.

  8. Your penguin quilt is adorable! Thanks for the great cookie recipe! This is fantastic!

  9. "From the bottom of my hips and thighs" LOL LOL LOL I usually gain an extra 10-20 pounds just looking at all the yummies. That quilt is just the cutest and I have that die so maybe it should go on my extensive to-do list. Love it! A cookie recipe that can be as versatile as this one is a winner in my book. Thank you for sharing all this Christmas joy with us! xo

  10. Love the penguins. The cookie recipe sounds great. I'll give it a try at the weekend.

  11. Your penguin quilt is just adorable!

  12. Your penguin quilt is so cute and christmasy! Love the way you added your Christmas fabrics. Thank you so much for the wonderful cookie recipe. I Can Do and I Will ... :-) Pat

  13. Like the Cookie Monster I to love love love cookies and especially at Christmas. This year tho I think I'll be buying them versus making them... Either or, great quilt and cool recipe. I also love love love Peanut Butter cookies. :)

  14. I lovr recipes like this. You can change it up with what you have and wow everyone. Penguins are so cute.

  15. They are the cutest penguins I have ever seen all dressed up for the snow. Thanks for sharing your cookie recipe.

  16. LOL That Carol...do you think she eats any of those calorie-laden cookies herself? From the bottom of my hips and thighs, I thank her, too. Cute penguins quilt and I'm not surprised you made them so much cuter. Cookies with lots of embellishments; now that's perfect!

  17. Now that's efficient baking... one basic dough recipe and all these variations! Thanks for sharing.

  18. adorable quilt and that's a versatile recipe!

  19. Hi Joan! Oh, your waddle of penguins turned out so cute, and how appropriate that it snowed for this finish. I've never heard of a recipe that makes seven different kinds of cookies. How cool is that?!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. This is my favorite hop of the year - Carol does a great job getting all of us hoppers together - and you do as well. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Your penguins are adorable. Certainly, these put a smile on everyone’s face. The cookies also look and sound yummy.

  21. Thank you for sharing your adorable penguins and how you adapted the pattern. Your cookie recipes were very doable. Can be adapted to many tastes.

  22. Cute little waddle of penguins, there! What a great recipe too - thanks for sharing!

  23. Love your sweet penguins. I am assuming that a group of penguins is called a waddle. How appropriate. Thanks for sharing your cookie recipe as well

  24. Love your penguin quilt!! My panda boy has now decided he loves penguins, so guess I'll be getting this die! I just got the adapter for AccuQuilt and a gingerbread house die! This sounds like fun, fun, fun!! And those cookies...peanut butter is my favorite too, but I can see myself enjoying the other varieties as well!! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Too Too Cute!! Love those penguins!!! and it will keep you so warm and toasty - with those cookies - ymm!

  26. Well, you outdid yourself...that fun penguin quilt and the recipe for 7 kinds of cookies (or more). Way to go!

  27. I absolutely adore your penguins, they are so cute.

  28. Thanks Joan for the fabulous cookies recipe and sending another squirrel my way. Your Playful Penguins quilt is incredibly fun! I think I need to make one or three for great grandchildren!

  29. Oh my goodness, those penguins are the cutest!!!!

  30. I Love your penguin quilt; so cheery and clever you to make their tummies with the Christmas prints. Thanks for the cookie recipe as well. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Happy quilting,

  31. Love your penguins. They are so cute! It is amazing what can be done with all these dies now. Love the time saving aspect of that especially.
    And your cookies look delicious. Looks like some baking needs to happen!


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