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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Don't Worry...Bee Happy


I have always been captivated with "barn quilts" but I have nowhere to put one.

With the advent of  HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl my problem was solved.
I can make waterproof garden quilt/flags.
I have lots of room in my yard for flags and I found the perfect stand...
This is  “Gray Bunny Garden Flag Stand” from Amazon. It is 51” X 15”. The top arm swings open to allow you to load your flag. That holds a really nice size flag and great for changing them out montly, seasonally, or whenever the spirit moves us.

A few simple supplies and your on your way!
I love using my Crafters Edge dies. Lettering has never been so easy.

You can download my free tutorial and pattern over on the ThermOWeb blog
If I have you hooked, you can find this cool flag stand
HERE for under $20.
Oh, and keep in mind I may have suggested more to come soon!
What holiday is approaching?
Hint, hint, winky, winky!

Keep in mind flags are two sided, if they can be seen from both sides. If not, you can easily put a plain backing on them...or you can back it with a completely different flag. Oh the possibilities.
Think about that for awhile, and I will see you again soon, on the ThermOWeb blog!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That's so cute Joan! I love barn quilts too and wish I could hang one, but our HOA would forbid it, unless it's not seen in our backyard. So one day I would like to make a flag-like barn quilt like yours for our backyard and being it can be moved around easily, husband might like the idea even better as he is the one who constantly rearranges the garden.

  2. That is adorable!! I won a gift card from Therm-o-Web and got some of that vinyl with it. Can't wait until it arrives!!

  3. Well that is a fun way to make a *barn* quilt!! haha - that is really cute!!

  4. Just looking at the flag makes me happy...loving it!

  5. Oooh, I like this! I'm sure there's a spot in my garden that would love one of these. I had never heard of liquid vinyl. I'll have to investigate.

  6. Lovely idea to have this in your garden. A perfect spot for a gorgeous flag.

  7. Great idea and perfect solution for not having room for a barn quilt.

  8. So cute, I love your garden/quilt flag.


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