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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Call me Crazy Challenge Blog Hop

Go ahead and say it, I really think I am crazy most days!
Most of you know, I'm a scrap-a-holic!
I can't bear to throw them away. I know there's a quilt in there somewhere, so into a tote, box or bag they go.
This was my batik bin, which was overflowing, so it was time to find a good scrappy pattern to work on. Bells went off in my head...
Last year Toni over at "Red Boot Quilt Company" hosted  a year long free BOM that I fell in love with. Lots of fun little blocks that were a the perfect scrap buster. 
All 121 blocks worth, not including the border blocks. That was another 98 blocks!
This is "My Favorite Things"
It's a biggie. My son and his wife are my "quilt holders" and they are both 6' tall and barely tall enough to hold it up. LOL!! 
In usual fashion, Sweet Pea claimed it as hers as soon as she saw it.
It is a fun giant "eye spy" kind of quilt for the little ones.
Even little man, got in on the fun.

So, did it make me crazy to stitch?
Nope, it was crazy fun to scrap bust my way thru that tote of batiks, as well as my wall of fabric.
 I am not even going to lie to you. This was taken when my room was cleaned up, and it does NOT look that way 99.9% of the time. 
Crazy as it sounds, this big quilt, didn't even seem to make much of a dent in that wall of fabric either.

As for Red Boot Quilt Company... they have the cutest and "Happy Quilts" that I have ever seen.  Toni usually hosts a year long "free" BOM, but she has been suffering from long haul Covid for a quite some time, so she did not have one this year. She has started reworking this giant and making it into 2 quilts.
"Love and Hope" and "Dreams and Wishes"
They will be available on her website as soon as she gets them finished up. NOTE:she posted on Facebook that she will have one of them up on her free page this week sometime.
You can visit her Here and see all the adorable "Happy Quilts" she has to offer and some fun freebies as well.
Keep an eye on her website or Facebook group, to see if she hosts one next year. My fingers are crossed, she has been working on some adorable things, one is Sloths, happy dance! You might want to sign up for her emails, so you don't miss anything!

Thank you for visiting my craziness today...now hop on over and visit my fellow bloggers and see what's been driving them crazy!

Monday August 21

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All the projects for this hop can be found on our Pinterest page HERE, as well.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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  1. Oh how I admire your fabric stash! The new quilt is large and colorful. No wonder Sweet Pea claimed it quickly. Beautiful quilt. Looking forward to visiting today's blog hoppers.

  2. That is one amazing quilt! I agree with Danice that it is no wonder Sweet Pea wanted it.

  3. Holy cow, crazy doesn't come close to describing that scrap pile. The results of the combo of scraps and stash is amazing. Sweet Pea is one very lucky (and extremely cute) little girl. Thanks for sharing the links to hook us up to how we can join in this particular type of crazy.

  4. That was quite an accomplishment! Love how the quilt turned out.

  5. I'm speechless (which is rare occurrence) and in awe at this quilt. You really ARE crazy! LOL I love Red Boot Quilt Company's quilts and think she is amazingly talented. This quilt is a total treasure that will be loved for many years (or generations) by those cuties. Nice job, crazy lady!

  6. Wow, what an awesome quilt, Joan---and a HUGE undertaking! My how the little ones are growing! It's great they are enjoying the quilt too. Have a great week!

  7. That is fabulous craziness! It makes such a wonderful I Spy quilt and can see why it as quickly claimed.

  8. What a terrific quilt! I am not surprised Sweet Pea claimed it. I also wish I wasn't surprised that it didn't make a dent in the fabric stash....it seems to defy physics.

  9. That is one spectacular scrappy quilt! Wow! I love it!

  10. You definitely are crazy, but what a wonderful quilt! I am sure your grandbabies love it!

  11. Well...just a little bit crazy (or more!)... Your craziness is for me. Love that quilt; so darn cute but HUGE! The Red Boot Company has a lot of cute designs which I see on your blog, too.

  12. Adorable quilt. I have probably just as many scrap bags, and cut up scraps. I just can't seem to work fast enough. But you will see tomorrow I am crazy in a whole different way! Thanks so much for thinking of this great challenge!

  13. What a WONDERFUL quilt! I have so many scraps too and I just hate to part with them. My daughter likes to go through them for herself which is good but I need a good scrap buster quilt in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Every child in the world would have loved this quilt. It's fantastic, and a real scrap buster. I have so many scraps around too, but I'm so crazy I can't use up more than a handfull for my projects. See you on my blog on Wednesday. Thanks for hosting this fun hop.

  15. What a great crazy project! Isn't it funny how those scale seem to expand?

  16. I see this quilt and immediately think of kindergarten! OH MY Goodness! I Love it!

  17. This is just awesome and your fabric stash is yummy! I just want to touch and look through all of them

  18. oh my goodness, that is just amazing!!! So wonderful that you were able to make that from scraps!!!! You are amazing... and just a little crazy :) Thanks so much for hosting this fun hop! xx

  19. Fabulous Joan, what a wonderful finish - I have saved many of these blocks but did not realise the resulting quit would be so big. Seems a little crazy to me!!!!

  20. Oh, what a fun quilt to play with all kinds of wonderful, colorful scraps! And look at those smiling faces. An amazing (not crazy) quilt! Thank you for hosting this fun hop.

  21. Yes, you are crazy, but in the best possible way!
    There are so many blocks in this one, but you did it.
    And isn't it worth it when you see the grandies having fun with it right away!
    What a great finish.


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