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Sunday, February 19, 2023

I'm Kinda "Sweet on You" Challenge/Blog Hop

Welcome to day 1 of our "Sweet on You" challenge.  I love seeing just what my fellow bloggers have done to meet the challenge each month. As for me...

My "Sweet" project is really all about sweets! My favorite treat.

Are you a gummy worm lover, or dots, (my favorite) conversation hearts, taffy and those gross wax bottles of some kind of sweet liquid, or licorice? I remember sucking those dots off the paper as a kid. What's better than a soggy paper right? 
My shelf of treats was make with "Crafter's Edge" "Nestled Jar" die's.
I think this is one of the greatest new dies they have released. I see all kinds of things to put up on shelves in these jars! Sewing supplies, fruits and veges, oh and don't get me started on all the Halloween things that can go in them, too!
But lets get serious about treats here...
There is nothing that speaks to me more than "CHOCOLATE" and these little proverbs just say it all!
That lower right one is likely what my friends will tell you, reminds them most about me.
All that chocolate and those proverbs worked their way into my 
"Heavenly Chocolate Bliss" quilt.
This fun pattern is from Angie Oswald at "Quilting Melodies".
Many years ago I stumbled on the pattern at HMQS in Salt Lake City.
They had a special display of these chocolate quilts and all were so different!
After seeing that exhibit, I knew that I had to have the pattern.
You may remember seeing my pink version on my blog, back in 2011.
You can read more on it HERE
It was so much fun to make, that my friend and I taught a class in 2012, at our local sewing shop. 
Check out the quilts from class HERE
Blinging it up a bit, was fun using a lame fabric.
It's kind of a bugger to stitch, but well worth the trouble.
After all, it makes those Hershey bars and kisses almost look real!
If you need one of these "Heavenly Chocolate Bliss" quilts in your life, you can find the pattern
A big thanks to all of you for stopping by and checking out my treats. 
Be sure to stop in and see what "Sweet" things my fellow bloggers have to share today!
Monday Feb 20

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We have a "Pinterest" board for all the "Sweet" treats this week. You can find it HERE.

As for me, after all this sweet talk I am off to raid my treat cabinet!

til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Joan, all of your projects are beautiful. And so many, wow you have been busy. Going to visit all of the other blog hoppers today.

  2. First, I am not anonymous, I'm Selina. This is not a great start to the day. Thankfully visiting you and your wonderful contributions to the hop will keep me smiling. Except for the gummy worms I remember eating all of the goodies on the shelf. I even remember those waxy soda bottles but my favorite is the liquorish sticks. Wasn't into chocolate as a kid but starting in my twenties that all changed. I'm blaming my ex for that. You did a wonderful job representing all of the chocolate and the chocolate worshipers.

  3. What fun quilts! Of course, I am partial to the chocolate ones--very cool! The sayings are wonderful! I need some of those for the quilt retreat I'm going on in 2 weeks!!! LOL!

  4. Such sweet projects for a sweet hop!! Thanks for hosting:)

  5. I can't find my comment. I think the sugar spirits must have taken it as a punishment for my decision to limit real sugar in my life. I'm so happy to be able to enjoy all of the sweets in your post and all those offered by the rest of the sugar fairies. Thanks

  6. Your projects are super sweet and beautiful! I no longer eat much sugar, but one piece of dark chocolate a day is my guilt pleasure.

  7. All of these are so much fun, Joan!! You definitely went "all out" on the sweet treats!! LOL

  8. I love all your foodie fabrics! And the jar shelf brought back memories. I never liked the taste of the paper on those dots....I am loving all the. very different projects today's group has posted.

  9. I love all your projects, especially the jars! I can't wait to show my husband your Heavenly Chocolate Bliss Quilt --he'd love to wrap himself up in that beautiful quilt!

  10. Oh my gosh, you have been busy! So many sweet treats in this post. I love those jars (guess I should have bought that die) and your chocolate quilt just had me gain 10 pounds. Now that you mentioned those waxy little bottles full of sugar, I actually can remember that taste. LOL Such fun memories!

  11. You have outdone yourself with the treats, love them all. I'm a chocolate kind of girl, and those appeal to me the most! Well done on this challenge!

  12. Sew many yummy quilts here. I have to say the kisses always get me. Have you been to Hershey PA? It was near where I grew up so we went regularly to the park/chocolate factory. The town smells of chocolate and the light poles are kisses.

  13. Lots of chocolate bliss in this post!!! Thank you!

  14. I love all your sweets and chocolate!!

  15. I love all your sweet treats! Since I can't eat chocolate any more, I've switched to vanilla sea salt caramels - yum and hard to find my favorites after Christmas, so that's a good thing! I'm a big fan of jar quilts, too, and will have to look for that die. I bought the conversion kit for my Go!, but then other things happened, and I haven't done anything with that. Your post is filled with wonderful inspiration - treats and quilts. I love that the pattern you showed is still available!

  16. Great 'treat' quilt. I love that bottom right proverb the best, too. I think we're buds. :)

  17. All of your quilt are sew SWEET! I love anything food related and the chocolate quilt is amazing. I have the nesting jars die too and I am already dreaming up what I could possibly put in them.

  18. Oh my, you have made me so hungry. Now I have to make a trip to town to get chocolate. Such a sweet post, thank you for hosting the hop.

  19. All of your projects are great, but that chocolate quilt is calling my name! I'm getting a toothache just looking at it! What a fun quilt pattern!

  20. Everything looks so delicious!! Making quilts about chocolate would make me crave chocolate. That would be a big problem!
    Love your work.

  21. Oh, sweet chocolate bliss. Sweet on you for sure, my friend. Great quilts!

  22. Mmmm you're making my mouth water!! Love all of your sweet projects! Thanks so much for hosting! xx

  23. So many fun treats! That shelf with the goodies is too cute!


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